Feng Shui Kaiyun method alleviates children’s learning anxiety

Due to the high pressure of study, many children will suffer from insomnia, resulting in low spirits and declining academic performance. To alleviate this situation, in addition to appropriate drug assistance, some measures can also be taken from Wenchang Feng Shui

first of all, check the child’s bed. If it is in the place of reverse magnetic field, it must be adjusted in time

can also be solved through diet. Onion helps to treat insomnia, especially insomnia caused by lack of gold in the body. Boil some onion soup every night, which can relieve pressure, relax nerves and promote sleep. You can also eat some dishes fried with onions, which also helps to improve children’s academic performance

for children, the exam is like a great enemy. Many children are anxious and nervous about it. They hope that they can get good results by sharpening their guns. In fact, the key to the exam results depends on their accumulation at ordinary times. The most important thing before the exam is to adjust their mentality. They can also help their luck through some practices in Feng Shui. The specific measures are as follows: put some plants on the table, such as orchids and Kaiyun bamboo. These plants are not only easy to feed, but also bring you good luck. At the same time, green can bring vitality to the room and be beneficial to your eyesight. Most importantly, it can alleviate anxiety and tension and help you play a normal role in the exam

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