Feng shui tips for canteen

Living room, bedroom, washing room and canteen are important parts of home. The feng shui for those area will affect whole home’s feng shui. So today we will discuss about the feng shui for canteen. There are some feng shui tips and taboos for canteen location which you can follow to get better feng shui in your canteen.

  1. Do not let canteen face the main door directly. It is not good that once you open the main door you will see the canteen immediately. If the canteen is not closed to main door, it shall be ok. But if the canteen is closed to the main door, the energy flow from main door will crash the canteen. Those energy flows will cause unstable energy environment of canteen. In long term, it will influence healthy. It would be better to place one screen or green plant to reduce the energy flow influence. One beautiful door curtain also can help you to reduce the influence.

    feng shui for canteen_facing main door
    feng shui for canteen_facing main door
  2. Money area is good place for canteen table. As you know, the money area is motionless area with stable energy. It is good for people siting money area to have meal and talk.
  3. Do not let canteen facing the washing room. As you know, washing room is with bad smell energy flow. So if the canteen facing the washing room it will not good for health. If you cannot relocate your canteen, pls ensure keep the washing door closed or you can place one green plant outside door of washing room to absorb the bad feng shui from washing room.

    Feng shui for Cantee_Facing the toilet door
    Feng shui for Cantee_Facing the toilet door
  4. If your room has enough space for canteen, do not place canteen table in kitchen. There are a lot of bad gases emitted out during cooking. So the kitchen is full of lampblack after cooking those gases will affect people’s health.
  5. Do not place the canteen table under overhead beam.

Hope those feng shui tips for canteen could help you to get good feng shui for your canteen. Good Luck!

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