Residential Yin Qi is too heavy, how to solve it

The heavy Yin in the house must have a certain impact on the luck. Therefore, in Chinese Feng Shui, it is impossible to avoid houses with heavy Yin. Everything has its degree. Excessive increase of Yang Qi and reduction of Yin Qi may lead to the reversal of things at the extreme, resulting in the prosperity of Yang Qi. Excessive Yang Qi leads to wealth coming and going, and failure to gather wealth can lead to the loss of wealth. So, how to solve the problem of too heavy Yin in the house? Let’s follow one feng shui master to understand

solution to the heavy Yin Qi in the residence

1. Long light: it is recommended to place a long light in the residence. As a literal meaning, it is on 24 hours a day all year round. It can dissolve the dark and gloomy places of the house. For example, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other relatively important places need to place permanent lights

2. Keeping a dog: according to folklore, the five elements of black dog belong to Yang and are full of spirituality. If there is too much yin in the house or there are other problems, the dog will bark wildly

3. Statue of Guan Gong: if you are physically and mentally taboo to the dark and humid places in the house, you can place the picture and statue of Guan Gong at home. In Feng Shui, the statue of Guan Gong plays a role in transforming evil spirits and ensuring peace

4. Clean up the sundries and keep them clean

excessive sundries should not be stacked in the house, which will not only breed various germs, but also affect the ventilation and daylighting of the house, resulting in excessive Yin and Yang of the house and affect the balance of Yin and Yang of the house. It is suitable to clean up the sundries in the home regularly. Keeping the home clean can improve the Yang Qi in the home.

What residence has heavy Yin Qi

back Yang room

nowadays, there are many houses in contemporary society, which have become back Yang rooms due to geographical constraints or limited resources. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, back Yang rooms are absolutely not optional. Let alone that the lighting of the house is not good enough, it will lead to dim light in the house. Secondly, the biggest problem is the career of the living room owner. If there is no sunshine, it will lead to Yin deposition. Over time, it will have many adverse effects on the career of the people living in the house

rectangular house

in fact, a house with a rectangular pattern is also a big taboo in Feng Shui, because the rectangular house is square. First of all, it is like a coffin in shape, which is a typical Feng Shui pattern used to gather Yin. Such a house is easy to recruit villains and many unclean things, and the Qi of this house will be greatly damaged. Living for a long time is extremely detrimental to the owner’s health


nowadays, there are more and more people working abroad, and the house price is also increasing at a visible speed. Many young people who can’t resist the pressure of reality can only choose to move into a cheap basement in order to survive. In fact, if there is a better choice, it’s better not to live in this kind of basement. Living in the basement for a long time, you will find that your body is in bad condition and start to suffer from backache and limb fatigue. This is because the basement often attracts Yin and moisture

the mirror points directly at the door

in daily life, the mirror has many uses, and dressing up is inevitable. In Feng Shui, it is also one of the most common ornaments. In fact, for the mirror, there are a lot of attention. First, the purpose of the mirror in Feng Shui is to block the brake. It can’t face the door and bed of the house. On the contrary, it will lead to the change of the nature of the mirror, which will become a tool to attract Yin and affect the wind and water in the house

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