Importance of store appearance design

Whether a commodity can sell well in the market requires not only the reliable quality and superior performance of the commodity, but also the distinctive packaging of the commodity. Because packaging is a layer of decoration displayed on the appearance of goods, when customers buy goods on the counter, the first thing they see is the appearance of goods. Therefore, commodity marketers should seize customers and raise customers’ desire for purchase through this layer of decoration. Similarly, whether the store can attract customers, in addition to focusing on the quality of goods and excellent service attitude, the appearance design of the store is also very important. The appearance design of a shop with good operating efficiency is mostly characteristic. In their commodity marketing strategy, there is always one about the appearance design of the shop. They regard the appearance design of the store as a package to show the store, so they can occupy more markets

it is better to carry out the appearance design of the store around the main commodities operated by the store, or according to the marketing characteristics of the commodities. The main design principle is that customers can guess the business scope of the store from the outside of the store, so that it can play the role of publicizing the store and attracting customers in the marketing activities of goods

when people know a thing, they often start from knowing its appearance. If the store can win customers first from the appearance design, it is equal to half the business. In a sense, the appearance of the store represents the image of the store. A good store appearance can establish a good impression in the hearts of customers, make customers feel secure, reliable and credible when they buy goods, and thus enhance their reputation in the hearts of customers. On the contrary, if the appearance design of a store is not harmonious, it looks very awkward. It will not only attract people’s comments and make people feel disgusted, but also damage the image of the store in the eyes of customers and make customers lose their trust in the store. Of course, few people raise their feet to the door

for shops with inconsistent designs, Feng Shui is unfavorable. Losing customers due to the disharmony of the store’s appearance design is the biggest disaster of the store. Pay attention to the harmony of store appearance design, which is also a content that can not be ignored in store business activities

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