Exterior dynamic line design of store

The boundary line between the store and the arcade or road can be well designed by merchants according to specific conditions

(1) parallel moving line

the most common moving line outside the store is that the parallel moving line has no juice, that is, the store is designed parallel to the arcade or sidewalk, no matter which side the door is opened in the middle or left or right, as long as it is parallel to the walkway outside the store. Generally speaking, such juice setting is not a big problem, but relatively speaking, it has no characteristics. Using the simplest flow principle, in a straight river, because there are no obstacles on both sides, the flow rate of water will be higher than usual. The crowd is like a stream of water. It keeps moving in front of the door. If the store is completely parallel to the road, it will speed up the crowd. In other words, such a design is difficult to stop people who have no desire to buy or pay attention to the existence of the store. Therefore, it is easy to pass through the door three times without entering

(2) bilateral inward tilting moving lines

the parallel design is easy for passers-by ” Go through the door without entering ” , Therefore, if the partition or glass window of the door is designed to tilt inward slightly, it is easy to lead water into the urn. Because people will habitually lean towards this side of the building when moving. If the facade is inclined inward, the crowd will inexplicably move inward with the inclined moving line of

, which is explained from the perspective of Feng Shui. It is like building a small approach road next to the main river, the water will naturally flow out with the approach road, and the store will naturally attract the crowd

(3) single side inward inclined moving line

although the arcade or pedestrian passage is not designed as a one-way street like vehicles, that is to say, no matter which side of the road, pedestrians may come from the right or the left, so it is mostly based on ” Bidirectional Design ” ; As the main consideration, such as the double-sided inward inclined moving line design mentioned above

however, there are exceptions. In Eastern countries, generally speaking, most pedestrians on the right side of the road will actively move to the right, while those on the left side of the road will actively move to the left, and most pedestrians on both sides of the one-way street will move in the direction of one-way street; You may wish to carefully observe the direction of the crowd in your store. If the direction of the crowd is very average on the left and right, it is suggested to adopt the two-way inward inclined moving line design; If the moving direction of the crowd is particularly inclined to the left or right, it is recommended to adopt the single-sided inward inclined moving line design. Remember, as long as the door is facing the direction of the crowd, the effect of attracting guests will be more significant and the financial resources will naturally expand

(4) single side retracted moving line

single side retracted moving line and single side inclined moving line are similar. They are both used when the crowd tends to travel on one side. What are the differences between the two? When there is a arcade or sidewalk in front of the store, both designs can be adopted. However, if there is a highway in front of the store, or when the sidewalk is narrow, pedestrians will lean closer to the side to avoid passing vehicles. If there is a wide space in front of the store, pedestrians will naturally walk inside. When passing through the store door, they will be easily attracted by the goods displayed in the store and consume them

however, the one-sided retractable moving line also has its disadvantages, that is, it must sacrifice part of the storefront space and retract the compartment inward. Therefore, if your storefront is in the case of wide space or small use area, it is not recommended to adopt such a design

(5) Central retracted moving line

the principle of central retracted moving line is the same as that of bilateral inward inclined moving line. It is mainly used in the road section where the left and right pedestrians are average. The central retracted moving line is actually more common. If your store depth is relatively shallow, you can only do the retracted part of the gate. If your store is deep but narrow, you can use the fully retracted moving line, which will create an open space in front of the store. However, because this space still belongs to the scope of use of the store, you can make good use of it to create a distinctive store feeling. You can make some special scenery to attract the attention of pedestrians, or use this space to display some goods, as mentioned earlier, The closer the goods can be to consumers, the more it can stimulate their purchase desire. Displaying the goods in the outdoor space can remove the sense of distance given by the window or gate. That’s why many businessmen pile their goods on the arcade or highway. If you’re afraid of violating relevant regulations, the central retractable moving line design is a good choice

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