Cafe decoration Feng Shui

Coffee shop is a place for people to relax. People can express their feelings here and enjoy the fun of gathering among friends and the aroma of coffee. Different coffee shops can let people enjoy different customs, or solemn and elegant, or rural customs, or exquisite and elegant. Feng Shui is applied to the decoration of coffee rooms, empty space without juice, atmosphere construction and other aspects. If handled properly, it will receive good business results with only a little adjustment, which is also helpful in making money and benefiting the market and attracting more customers

(1) key points of coffee shops in different locations

according to the principle of Feng Shui, all coffee shops need a comfortable business environment in order to win customers and good economic benefits. However, according to the different environment of the coffee shop, its focus should also be different, so as to adapt to local conditions and reflect its unique characteristics

the coffee shop is located in the center of downtown. This place is mainly for people shopping. In terms of operation, medium-sized operation mode can be adopted. The area should not be too large, but the environment should be elegant. Large coffee shops can be operated in places where there are more parking spaces. The general long-term customers are merchants who negotiate business and places where couples meet. This kind of coffee shop also operates western fast food and Western snacks, and young people can also choose to eat. Starbucks and Shangdao coffee are such coffee shops

coffee shops can be set up near universities or colleges above, which are different from downtown areas. They mainly provide a leisure place for students and teachers. The price should be moderate and the environmental atmosphere should be exquisite

(2) space design of coffee shop

the size of coffee shop space should be appropriate. If it is too large, it appears empty and lonely. If it is too small, it is not conducive to air convection. The indoor air is turbid and it is easy to feel dull. In addition, different elements of space represent different aspects of commercial wealth. The ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the ground, and the wall represents people. The color of the wall should be between the ceiling and the floor, so as to achieve harmony and create a good environment

the basic requirements for the internal layout of the space are: bright, clean, beautiful, harmonious and comfortable, meeting people’s physiological and psychological needs and conducive to physical and mental health. It mainly adopts ” Wai ” ” ” ” Gear ” ; The combination of, flexible and diverse areas, delimit space, and create a good feng shui. The so-called ” Wai ” , It is to use strategies, furniture, etc. to enclose another small space in the large space, or use symbolic means to form an independent space in terms of hearing and vision, which makes people feel unique, but in fact it is still integrated in the large space. The so-called ” ” , It is to use cabinets, platforms, screens, greening and other means to delimit the activity areas with different functions in the mansion. The so-called ” Gear ” , Furniture, bakelite and folding door curtain are used to separate the activity areas with large differences in functional characteristics, and the overall space of Xianxian is still unblocked

Interior view juice is also very important in the geomantic design of coffee shop. Its geomantic quality directly affects its image and business status. From the perspective of people’s psychological needs, the clear height of 6 meters makes people feel too empty. If the clear height is less than 2.5 meters, it makes people feel depressed and dull. If the clear height is about 3 meters, it makes people feel friendly, easy and appropriate, Such a height gives people a better feeling. Different styles of entertainment spaces should be designed according to the specific floor height to give full play to the maximum role of space energy

from a scientific point of view, the carbon dioxide concentration is also different in different clear height spaces. The net height is 2.4m, and the concentration of carbon oxide in the air is greater than 0.1%, which does not meet the hygienic standard of carbon dioxide concentration in indoor air: the net height is 2.8m, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is less than 0.1%, which meets the hygienic standard

(3) the ceiling and wall of the cafe

do not damage the ceiling and wall, otherwise you will feel unsafe and affect business opportunities. As for the materials used, there are too many to mention. In addition to the two aspects of economy and, we should also consider the elements such as light, material texture and Feng Shui, so as to match with the space color and lighting to form a beautiful leisure space in the coffee shop

(4) matching of lighting in coffee shops

matching the color, shape and space of lighting can create a harmonious atmosphere. The style of chandeliers that attract people to pay attention to the day can have a great impact on the overall environment. In the same room, a variety of lamps should keep the color coordinated or the style close. For example, the coffee room with wooden wall, wooden cabinet and wooden roof is suitable for rectangular wooden lamps, and the coffee room with iron products is suitable for chandeliers made of iron pipe. The pleasing layout can increase the energy of the whole space and improve the luck of the business city

(5) Design of coffee shop floor and carpet

the floor represents foundation and stability. If the floor is not strong, people will worry about the unstable road ahead. The coffee shop is best to use a shady wooden floor, which is characterized by warmth and nature, soft touch and elasticity, which can add freshness and vitality to the space and allow people to enjoy relaxed and casual leisure fun. The floor has two choices of rigidity and softness in graphic design. The pattern characterized by the combination of straight lines such as square, rectangle and polygon has masculinity; the pattern characterized by the combination of circle, ellipse, fan and geometric curve has feminine softness

carpet is an important decoration for arranging the floor. From the perspective of Feng Shui, a carpet is as important as a piece of green grass in front of the house and a bright hall in front of the house. It is best to choose colorful carpets. If the color is too dim, the space will be eclipsed, and it is difficult to give full play to its prosperous effect. There are millions of patterns on the carpet, but be sure to remember to choose auspicious patterns. Those carpets with harmonious composition, bright colors and pleasing colors are the best choice

carpet will also have a certain impact on Feng Shui, which comes from different carpet colors. According to the understanding of Feng Shui, different colors can be divided into different attributes. If the door direction is properly matched with the carpet, the color of the carpet should match the door direction according to the following instructions

the door faces east and northeast ” mdash” mdash; Match with black carpet

the door faces south and Southeast ” mdash” mdash; Match with green carpet

the gate is facing the West and southwest ” mdash” mdash; Match with yellow carpet

the door faces north and northwest ” mdash” mdash; Match with cream carpet

(6) decoration of coffee shop

people often want to go to places that make them feel comfortable or interesting. Therefore, the decoration of coffee shop is a successful decoration only if it is liked by customers. The necessary decoration of the cafe will help create a warm feeling and make the business more prosperous. However, the decoration of the coffee shop should be simple, and it is not suitable to use reflective materials or carve complex graphics, otherwise it will give people a sense of impetuosity. Another key factor in creating an atmosphere is music. Relaxed music should be selected as the background music, and the sound should not be too loud or too small, that is, it should not only give people a relaxed feeling, but also not affect the customer’s conversation. In addition, the operator should discuss with the designer to set up the coffee shop as a place for both refined and popular tastes as far as possible

Feng Shui’s ” Accept Gas ” ; And ” Gas flow ” ; To some extent, it can be understood as ventilation. The ventilation of the cafe is conducive to the storage of goods. Therefore, ventilation in coffee shops is also one of the important factors to be considered in coffee room decoration

(7) precautions for hanging pictures in coffee shops

many people like to use hanging pictures to decorate empty questions for good luck and beauty, but pay attention to the following taboos when hanging pictures:

pictures painted with fierce beasts should not be hung, so as not to bring a sense of terror

pictures with too dark color or too much black are not suitable for hanging. Because such pictures look heavy, make people depressed and lack enthusiasm, and are prone to pessimism. Pictures with the setting sun should not be hung up,

some pictures with negative attributes should be selected, and the color tone of the picture should be simple, giving people a calm and down-to-earth feeling, so that consumers can feel a quiet atmosphere

in ” Prosperous position ” ; In addition to bamboo paintings, peony paintings can also be hung at the same time. Because peonies are known as rich and noble flowers. They are not only gorgeous in color, but also elegant in shape. Therefore, they have always been regarded as a symbol of wealth. Therefore, hanging rich and noble flowers in the direction of dangwang can be said to be icing on the cake

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