Where is the air conditioner in the bedroom

In the five elements, the air conditioner belongs to gold. When it operates, it will blow air from the air outlet to create Feng Shui magnetic field. But if you let the wind of the air conditioner blow against people, it will be harmful to health. The air outlet of the air conditioner should be blown upward to make the gas rotate down from the ceiling, which is the best air flow mode. The flow of gas is the key factor to promote the prosperity of flying stars, so as long as there is wind, we can promote the prosperity of flying stars

when the air conditioner is running, the wind will blow continuously, and its function is sometimes greater than that of a window, which can naturally promote the prosperity of flying stars. Similarly, when the fan is running, it can also promote the prosperity of flying stars

scientific research shows that the continuous flow of energy flow generated by the human body will form a layer of Qi field, which is equivalent to putting a layer of armor on the human body to prevent the invasion of external adverse factors from causing diseases

in traditional Feng Shui, the air supply outlet and air outlet of air conditioner belong to ” Regulate Qi ” ; Scope of. If the air conditioner is placed against the bed, the human body ” Gas field ” ; The original balance will be ” Regulate Qi ” ; Break through, affect the normal metabolic function of the human body, lead to the decline of human immunity, and easily lead to colds or arthritis

the correct way is to set the air conditioner on the left side of the bedroom door, and avoid the air from the air conditioner blowing directly to the bed. Especially the bedrooms of the elderly and children should pay more attention

air conditioning is a kind of electrical appliances, and most electrical appliances will produce sound during operation, resulting in the sound brake on Feng Shui. Especially at night, the noise of air conditioning will seriously affect sleep. When the air conditioner is neglected, the air conditioner may drip water. Although the sound of the water drop is small, it still has a great impact on sleep in a quiet night

the best way to avoid the sound of air conditioner is to choose silent air conditioner instead of buying inferior air conditioner for cheap. Regular maintenance of the air conditioner can avoid water leakage of the air conditioner

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