Where is the kitchen located? It is unfavorable to Feng Shui

The kitchen is located in the following directions, which has an adverse impact on the house games, which should be paid attention to in the decoration and layout:

(1) south. It seems that there is a south wind blowing in the south, and the light is relatively bright, but it is not in line with kitchen Feng Shui in fact. This is because it is located in the south where the sun is direct, and in the eight trigrams, the five elements belong to fire, the temperature is high, and the fire is too heavy

(2) western. In the eight trigrams, the food is easy to taste when it is exposed to the sun in the West. If the fruit kitchen is located in this direction, it is best to use thermal insulation materials

(3) southwest. This position is Kun, and the five elements belong to soil. It is easy to be affected by the heat in the afternoon, and the dust is flying, which will pollute the environment, and it is also easy to be disturbed by turbidity in Feng Shui

(4) northwest. This position belongs to qiangua. Qiangua represents parents. Setting the kitchen in the north will affect the communication between families in terms of Feng Shui

(5) north. The north is a ridge, and the five elements belong to water. In winter, the north wind hits people, and the kitchen is easy to accumulate water, which is wet and not dry. Family members are also easy to suffer from urinary system and mental diseases

(6) northeast. This position is based on gossip. If you set up a kitchen, it is easy to lead to verbal disputes, betrayal of relatives, opposition between husband and wife, etc; In terms of health, it is easy to lead to high blood pressure, hemiplegia, rheumatic joint pain and so on, which especially needs to be avoided

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