Feng Shui problems needing attention in second-hand house decoration

Whether it is a new house or a second-hand house, we should pay attention to relevant Feng Shui problems when decorating. Only by ensuring that the feng shui of the house is good can we ensure the smooth fortune of the family. However, in the process of decoration, the Feng Shui problems of new houses and second-hand houses are also different

what I want to introduce here is mainly some relatively important Feng Shui issues in the decoration precautions of second-hand houses, which is also the basis for ensuring Feng Shui of second-hand houses, so we must not ignore them

Feng Shui issues needing attention in the decoration of second-hand houses

1. The gate must be replaced: the gate is the air inlet of the house, so the gate must be replaced when buying the decoration of second-hand houses. Even if the original gate can be used or even good, do not keep it, because it is the air inlet of the previous owner’s house and is not suitable for your family, so you should replace it with one suitable for your family, so as to ensure the smooth Feng Shui of the house

2. The kitchen must be renovated: when decorating a second-hand house, other rooms are not important, but the kitchen must be renovated and renovated as much as possible. In particular, the stove used by the previous owner must not be used. And we should pay attention to the first meal must be cooked at home. Try to turn up the fire as much as possible. The more prosperous the fire is, the stronger the wealth will be. After all, the kitchen is the life support of the family. If the Feng Shui here is not good, it will be bad for the health and wealth of the family

3. Multi Use Feng Shui treasures: after living in a second-hand house, it’s best to use more Feng Shui treasures to decorate the new house, because some evil spirits may remain in the house before, so the use of these Feng Shui treasures can play the Feng Shui effect of transforming evil spirits and ward off evil spirits, so as to ensure the harmony of the Feng Shui aura of the second-hand house

therefore, in the matters needing attention in the decoration of second-hand houses, we must pay special attention to these contents. Only after these decoration works are done well can we ensure the smooth access of residential Feng Shui

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