Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of indoor stairs of houses

Every detail of the house interior has certain attention in decoration, including some Feng Shui taboos, which we should understand. For example, the decoration of stairs, in Feng Shui, has a lot of stress, but also a lot of taboos! If you don’t understand these stresses and taboos, I’m afraid it will affect the feng shui of the house

stairs and gates rush straight

stairs will be found in some self built houses, villas and duplex buildings. But no matter what kind of house, the stairs should not face the door. When the stairs and doors in the house rush directly, it will lead to the loss of all money, money, wealth and blessings in the room. This pattern is very non gathering of wealth and gas, which will lead to a space unable to store wind and gas, which will affect the indoor Feng Shui gas field and have a great impact on financial luck! It can be seen that the decoration of stairs and gates must not be credible. You need to be careful to avoid such Feng Shui taboos. After all, Feng Shui stresses ” Like whirling, don’t rush ” , Whirling stairs are much better than straight stairs in Feng Shui

stair design also pays attention to the location arrangement of stairs in financial position

! Feng Shui believes that the location of stairs should not be in the position of wealth. Wealth needs to gather Qi, and the staircase is where the channel is located. The channel is destined to circulate in the gas field, which is destined to be unable to gather Qi. In this way, the staircase will affect the gas field on wealth, resulting in the inability of wealth to gather wealth. Once the wealth is insufficient, it will affect the wealth of the whole home. It can be seen that the stairs located in the financial position also causes adverse Feng Shui effect, so this taboo should be paid attention to

the stairs are located in the middle palace

in addition, the stairs are located in the center of the house, that is, the middle palace of the house, which also touches a major taboo in Feng Shui. Why can’t the stairs be in the middle of the house? Because when the stairs are located in the central palace, it will lead to the deterioration of the atmosphere of the whole home. In addition, it will affect the harmonious relationship of the family and lead to the division of the family in two, which will damage the fortune and harmony of the family. In addition, the stairs are located in the central palace, which means that there is no support on both sides of the stairs, and the design of the stairs is best to stand against the wall, which will be more conducive to the safety of the family. Obviously, this design is unreasonable, so Feng Shui is not good

under the stairs is the toilet

many people like to design the toilet under the stairs when designing the stairs. However, such decoration also violates the theory of Feng Shui and touches the taboo of Feng Shui! Because the toilet is a place with heavy filth and Yin, the filth of the toilet will affect the feng shui of the stairs and infect the stairs all the time, which has a great impact on the feng shui of the whole home

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