Feng shui knowledge of home decoration

As we all know, Feng Shui at home is closely related to the fortune of the family, because if you want the fortune of the family to be smooth, you must pay attention to Feng Shui at home; So in Feng Shui, what is the knowledge of home decoration Feng Shui? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

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feng shui knowledge of home decoration

What are the feng shui knowledge of home decoration

the first move pattern

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the restaurant, like other rooms, should have a square pattern, and there should be no corner missing or protruding Feng Shui of home decoration design. The pattern of rectangle or square is the best and the easiest to decorate

second move position

the restaurant should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the house. Such a layout can enhance the harmony of parent-child relationship. The restaurant should not be located directly below the toilet on the upper floor, because the good luck of the restaurant will be suppressed

third move decoration

part of the energy of the family comes from the food. As the restaurant is the eating area, it has a lot to do with the family’s wealth. The restaurant should adopt bright decoration and bright lighting to increase the energy of fire and accumulate Yang Qi. Placing plants here can enhance Yang Qi and wealth

the fourth position

the restaurant should be in the center of the house, but not directly to the front or back door. There are also some structural problems that should be avoided. For example, if it is a building in building design, the restaurant should be located upstairs; The windows on the left and right walls of the restaurant should not be directly opposite, because the gas will enter from one window and exit from the other window, so it cannot gather gas, which is not conducive to the gas transportation of the house. Avoid using the space adjacent to the toilet as a restaurant. If it is difficult to avoid, the dining table should be as far away from the toilet as possible

the fifth move is the blending of yin and Yang

the restaurant is arranged into a space with balanced Yin and Yang, but slightly partial to Yang. In order to increase Yang Qi, it is better not to put Yin objects such as ancestral portraits or antique furniture in the restaurant. Too much Yin Qi is harmful to family luck. On the other hand, excessive Yang will cause family disharmony

the sixth move of poisonous arrow

sharp corners and beams and columns will emit evil Qi. Furniture and bonsai should be used to dissolve corners. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid sitting under the beam. If it is unavoidable, two bamboo Xiao can be hung on the beam with a red rope. The bamboo Xiao is opposite at a 45 degree angle and the Xiao mouth is facing down, so that the evil Qi can be dissolved. Another method is to install elevation lamps, which direct the beam of the house

the seventh move is the best table shape

the shape of the table has important Feng Shui significance. The dining table should be round or oval to avoid sharp corners. It symbolizes the prosperity and unity of the family industry. If you use a square dining table, you should avoid sitting at the corner of the table to avoid being rushed by the evil spirit

the eighth lucky number

the number of seats at the table also has an impact on family luck. Theoretically, six, eight and nine are lucky numbers belonging to Yang. Although the number of diners in the family is fixed, it can be used to decide how many guests to invite during the banquet

the ninth lucky side

each member of the family should sit towards one of the four lucky sides of the original fortune telling. Adjust the seat of the person in charge of livelihood at home and let him sit towards the angry side. The mother should sit in the direction of prolonging life, because it represents family harmony and happiness. The children in school had better face the crouching position, which has the effect of prosperous and prosperous transportation. A doctor can protect the health of his elders

the tenth trick mirror

install a mirror in the dining area to reflect the food on the table, which has the effect of doubling wealth. This is the only place in the home where you can hang a mirror to reflect the food. Other places such as the kitchen must not hang a mirror, because it will lead to accidents or fires

the eleventh mascot

the restaurant is suitable for placing three Immortals of wealth, wealth and longevity, symbolizing wealth, health and longevity. In addition, pictures of fruits and food will also bring good luck. Oranges represent wealth, peaches represent longevity and health, and pomegranates represent many children and grandchildren

12th move tableware

Chinese people are used to eating with chopsticks and spoons. Avoid sharp knives to prevent shock. Bowls and plates are usually decorated with mascots such as dragons, bats or peaches. Chinese people like to drink tea after dinner to get rid of greasy

13th table manners

quarrels during meals are both impolite and moldy. Meal time is a time for family reunion. Family harmony and happiness will lead to prosperous family luck. If there is an elder dining together, be sure to ask the elder to use it first. This is not only polite, but also meaningful to bless the younger generation

how to view the feng shui knowledge of home decoration

1. See the kitchen and toilet at the beginning, and the house of return

all the houses, you must see the living room at the beginning. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family’s luck will decline

2. The door of the room is opposite the door and indulge in lust

the door of the bedroom cannot be directly opposite the door, otherwise it is easy to induce the residents to indulge in lust

3. The living room is in the middle of the house. If the living room or living room is located in the middle of the whole house, it is an auspicious image, which can make the family prosperous

4. The top of the beam will affect the mood and health

the beam should not be pressed above the head of the bed, desk and dining table. If it is unavoidable, the ceiling should also be designed to block it, otherwise it will affect the mood and health of the residents and hinder their career

5. It is difficult to sleep by pressing the mirror beside the bed

in addition to the big mirror, if there are large dressing glasses on both sides of the bed, it will make people sleep uneasily, resulting in insomnia, dreams, etc

6. Evergreen potted plants benefit family transportation

due to the improvement of life quality, evergreen potted plants are good indoor decorations in order to increase the indoor green, but they must choose plants that are evergreen, have strong vitality and are not easy to wither and fall leaves

7. The huge painting at the head of the bed should not be large

the painting at the head of the bed can increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is appropriate to be light, thin and short. It is best to avoid the large painting with thick huge frame. Otherwise, once the hook falls off and the head is cut off, it will be either dead or injured. You can’t be careless

8. Only a clean bathroom can keep money

the bathroom is a place for sewage discharge. In addition to the position in compliance with the Central Bureau, it is most forbidden to be damp, unclean and have peculiar smell. If it can be kept clean and dry, it can retain wealth

9. A bed with feet should not pile sundries under the bed

a bed with feet should be kept open and ventilated, and sundries should not be piled under the bed. Newlyweds should especially avoid

10. The door should be opened in the same direction

the door should be opened in the same direction, which can be determined from the door handle. The most taboo is to open one left and one right

feng shui knowledge about home living room decoration

1. The living room is a place shared by the family and should be located in the center of the house; If because the living room is spacious and separated by a part of the bedroom, it is the most unsatisfactory living room

2. The number of sofa sets in the living room cannot be repeated. It is most forbidden to use one set and a half, or the combination of two groups of sofas with one side and one circle. There are fish pots in the living room; Air connection ” ; The function of makes the room more vibrant, and the colorful singular is better for fish species

3. The best position of wealth position is the diagonal position of entering the door. Avoid columns and recesses here; If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains, so that wealth will not leak out; If this is just a passage, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also shape a good financial position; Placing wealth position with lush bonsai can make the fortune better. It is advisable to choose green plants with large and round leaves

4. The moving line of the living room should be the most open, and the vision can be seen through at a glance. The door and back door of the room should not be seen at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” In front and out back, you can’t gather money ” ; Suffering from; Walkways should also avoid direct or horizontal penetration

5. The hall should avoid the obstruction of the beam, and its structure can be changed and decorated into various beautiful shapes. For example, the traditional arch, the extension of the ceiling and painting can also be divided into two areas. Or hang a mirror on the wall, symbolically make up the missing corner, and then decide the central point as a complete room

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