Villa bedroom Feng Shui layout

1. The larger the bedroom, the better. Although the indoor space of the villa is open, it does not mean that the larger the bedroom, the better. Because feng shui theory holds that if the house is too large and there are few residents, the popularity will be absorbed by the house, which is the pattern of fierce house. Due to the large area, the bedrooms of most villas are designed to be much larger than ordinary houses. In fact, living in a large bedroom for a long time will consume more energy, and it is more likely to have poor spirit and decreased immunity. In severe cases, there will be diseases

therefore, the bedroom of the villa should not be blindly large, and it is best to control it at 10 ~ 20 square meters

2. The bedroom should be set above the kitchen

generally speaking, the villa pattern is: the first floor is the living room and kitchen, and the second floor is the bedroom. Therefore, it often appears in the same position, with the kitchen downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. According to the five elements, the kitchen belongs to fire. No matter whether there is a fire to cook or not, there is still an inflammatory upsurge. Living in such a bedroom will affect your body, not only your character will become irritable, but also you can’t concentrate on your work and study

3. Don’t change the attic into a bedroom

generally speaking, people will use the irregular small rooms in the villa as an attic. Most of them are polygonal or have beveled edges. Sometimes, because of the increase in residential members, people will change these irregularly shaped attics into bedrooms. But this is not in line with the principle of square bedroom shape in Feng Shui

if the attic is used as a bedroom, the beveled edge of the roof is easy to cause visual illusion, and the polygonal bedroom pattern formed by the beveled edge will also increase people’s mental burden, and people living in this house are prone to diseases or accidents. Therefore, if you want to make effective use of the attic of the villa, it is recommended to be used as a study or storage room

4. The bedroom cannot have a balcony

the villa may have more than one balcony, but if the villa bedroom has a balcony, it will increase the energy consumption during sleep, which will lead to poor rest, insomnia and fatigue. If this happens, you can change to a room without a balcony as a bedroom or hang thick curtains in front of the balcony

5. Use the bedroom to turn the villa into ” Imperial house ”

in a house, the central position is the heart of the house and the key to residential Feng Shui, and villas are no exception. Therefore, heavy objects must not be placed in the center of the villa. However This location can not be vacant for a long time. You can choose this bedroom. It is regarded as a sign of the emperor in Feng Shui. Living in this bedroom for a long time is very beneficial to the development of your studies and career. In this way, the villa will become a real ” Imperial house ”

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