Four layouts of Feng Shui for plant decoration

To increase capital, build factories and expand production, Feng Shui for plant decoration the overall Feng Shui pattern must be positioned in combination with the fate of major shareholders. Attention should be paid to the gate, front desk, general manager’s office, finance office, marketing department and Shangcheng district. The plant is generally placed in the open area of the suburbs and cannot be set at the downtown entrance of the urban area. The plant is different from the shopping mall. The shopping mall wants personnel concentration and large personnel flow, while the plant wants safe production and safe excretion of pollutants. If the machinery of the plant is placed in a auspicious position, the money is prosperous, the people are prosperous and the wealth is great

Feng Shui of plant decoration

four layouts of Feng Shui of plant decoration

in addition to considering the general space environment, plant enterprises should pay special attention to: put the frequently used machines in an appropriate position, make them smooth, full of vitality and prosperous financial luck; If it is not properly placed, for example, if it is placed in the position of five yellow, it will continue to get sick, if it is placed in the position of sword Sha, it will fight, the sword soldiers will meet, and if it is placed in the position of bullfighting Sha, it will be angry, disgusted and tense

First of all, the office building is the main body of the plant and the center for leaders to make decisions and control the production and operation of the plant. It should be built on the wealth or prosperity of the whole plant. The office building should be larger than other buildings such as factory buildings, and the bright hall in front should be open. Its gate, passage, side door, back door and stairs should be set in Shengwang side; The internal layout of the office building shall be carried out in accordance with the layout principle of office feng shui. The office of the factory owner shall be located in the Shengwang side or Wangcai position inside the office building; The offices of the deputy general manager and the supervisor shall be located on both sides of the boss’s office, which shall be slightly smaller than the boss’s office as the left assistant and the right Bi; The financial office should be located in the financial position of the office, and the door should face Shengwang; The offices of secretaries and technicians shall be located in Wenchang; Security personnel should be arranged on the left and right sides of the gate to curb the external evil spirit. The fountain of fortune and rockery should be built in the prosperous side of the office building

II. The gate of the plant

the gate of the plant should not face unlucky buildings. The unlucky buildings mentioned in Feng Shui mainly include chimneys, toilets, funeral homes, churches, hospitals and large pig farms, which are easy to make people feel psychological discomfort. In these buildings, some smoke billowing, some stink, some howl and some disease chant, all of which carry strong Yin spirit and evil spirit information, which is easy to make the plant operators feel depressed and depressed. When selecting the plant address, we should focus on the open front of the plant without any obstacles, such as fences, utility poles, billboards or large trees

III. staff dormitories

staff dormitories, restaurants, warehouses, etc. should be configured according to Geely’s feng shui principles. The staff dormitory should be lower than the plant; The living facilities such as canteen shall be lower than the staff dormitory, and the location selection shall be reasonable; The toilet shall be installed in the dead and Five ghosts of the plant, so as to suppress the evil spirits, ensure the safety of employees and improve economic benefits

IV. plant

in addition to the office building, the location of the plant is also very important. It is necessary to analyze the decline and prosperity of the orientation based on the sitting direction and Yuan transportation of the plant, and configure the main parts of the plant, such as workshop, workbench, motor room and studio, in Shengwang side; In addition, the factory door, channel, air conditioner and drainage outlet are also configured in Shengwang side

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