How to choose a suitable bookcase

Bookcase is a place for storing books, which can best increase the feng shui of the study. Therefore, it is very important to choose a bookcase that is well transported in Wenchang

first of all, in terms of materials, it is best to choose wooden bookcases. Wood is opposite to the Oriental position and spring. It has an upward and vibrant atmosphere. It is important to study ” The year comes in spring, Wooden bookcase can increase the vitality and vitality of the study

secondly, in terms of color, you can choose according to the five elements of the study owner. For example, if the five elements are short of gold, you can consider the white bookcase; The five elements are short of wood. The bookcase belongs to wood, and the color can be arbitrary; The five elements are short of water, so we can consider the bookcase with darker color and black color; The five elements are short of fire. The bookcase belongs to wood, which can make a fire. Avoid using black, gray, blue and other water colors; If the five elements are short of soil, brown or beige can be considered

it is best to divide the design into bookshelves and wall cabinets. The books displayed on the bookshelf are conducive to displaying personal external demeanor; The books stored in the closet symbolize the knowledge in the belly and are conducive to cultivating the internal self-restraint of the family. It is the so-called ” There is poetry and calligraphy in the belly ”

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