What are the taboos of setting residential windows

When setting up a residential window, there are many geomantic notes. If you are not careful, you may break the geomantic taboo and bring bad luck to yourself

1. The two windows are opposite; As the saying goes, ” The front and back are interlinked, and people and money are empty” ; Two windows are the biggest taboo relatively, which is easy to cause the loss of anger in the house, which is unfavorable to physical, mental and financial luck

2. The height should be appropriate. The height of the window should be appropriate. The lower side should be higher than the waist, and the upper side should not be lower than the height

3. Moderate size; The size of the window should be moderate. If it is too small, it will appear dim, which will affect the indoor daylighting and make people depressed; Too much yang is too strong, and the air flow is difficult to gather, which is not conducive to wealth

4. The quantity is appropriate; The number of windows should be appropriate. Too little, the air flow in the house is not smooth, and the air field is slow or blocked, which makes people feel suffocated; Too much, the gas field in the house is easy to leak out, resulting in family discord and unstable career. If you have opened too many windows, use curtains to block them, or choose to close or close the windows of the fierce side

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