What’s the most auspicious thing to see when you open the door

Feng Shui also has ” Open the door and see you three times ” ; That is to say, if you can see one of these three things when you open the door, it is very conducive to promoting home transportation:

first, you can see the popularity when you open the door. Red is a traditional Chinese festive color and also an auspicious color. Many objects that help transport or turn evil spirits are red, and red itself has the function of turning evil spirits. However, it should be noted that red belongs to fire in the five elements. People who have a strong fire or five elements belong to gold should be a little more cautious when using red

the second is to open the door. Green here refers to green plants. Green plants can bring people a good mood and resolve the turbid and stuffy gas caused by not opening the door for a long time

the third is to draw directly. Elegant paintings can cultivate interest, beautify the indoor environment, and reflect the host’s sentiment. When outsiders enter the door to see the painting, they can increase their goodwill to the host, and the painting can also become a good friend for the host. However, painting should match the overall style of the house and have taste. Good painting can bring good house luck

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