Common sense of Feng Shui in decorating houses

Naturally, the decoration of the house should pay attention to Feng Shui, because the house is where we will live in the future. The quality of Feng Shui of the house has a great impact on our health and fortune, so we all need to pay attention to Feng Shui of the house in our life; So in Feng Shui, what is the common sense of Feng Shui about decorating houses? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

common sense of geomantic omen in decoration room

what common sense of geomantic omen in decoration room

1. Living room decoration

the living room is the most important Suite in every home, and even if you don’t consider the geomantic omen of decoration house, the living room must be large in design. In geomantic omen, the atmosphere of the living room is strong enough, and the family will get along more cohesively

2. Bedroom decoration

when decorating the house, how to look at Feng Shui in the bedroom is also a very important place. Generally, the area of the bedroom should not be too large. A person’s bedroom should not exceed 20 square meters, which will lead to insufficient Yang and too heavy Yin

another important thing about Feng Shui in the bedroom is that the shape of the bedroom should be square as far as possible, and there should be no strange shapes. At the same time, the door of the bedroom and the toilet door should not be opposite and keep a certain distance

3. Balcony decoration

balcony is a place to accept the aura of heaven and earth in the feng shui of house decoration. Its importance is self-evident. It has ” Purple comes from the East ” ; According to, purple gas is auspicious gas, so the balcony should be located in the east of the whole house to facilitate the acceptance of auspicious gas

4. Toilet decoration

how should we look at Feng Shui in toilet decoration? The most direct and simple way is to see whether the toilet is in the central position of the house and in the auspicious position of the whole household. If it is OK, it only needs to be changed. In addition, the door of the toilet must be clearly separated from the living room, bedroom, kitchen and other Suites to ensure that the pollution will not pollute other rooms

common sense on how to look at Feng Shui in decorating a house

I. placement of flowers

the ceiling should be high rather than low: if the ceiling on the top of the porch is too low, it has a sense of oppression, which is an auspicious omen in Feng Shui, symbolizing that the family is oppressed and constrained and difficult to make a difference. If the ceiling is high, the air circulation in the porch is more comfortable, which is also of great benefit to the air transportation of the house

the color of the ceiling should be light rather than heavy: the color of the ceiling on the top of the porch should not be too dark. If the color of the ceiling is darker than that of the floor, it will form a pattern of top heavy and bottom light and earth shaking, symbolizing the disorder of the family and the discord between the top and bottom, while the color of the ceiling is light, light at the top and heavy at the bottom, which is the normal image. Ceiling lights should be square and round rather than triangular: the lighting arrangement on the top of the porch should be round and square but not triangular. Some people like to install several downlights or spotlights on the top of the porch for lighting. This is a good arrangement, but if the three lights are arranged in a triangle, it will be self defeating and form? Three sticks upside down? The situation is very unfavorable to the home. If the arrangement is square or round, it is not a problem, because the circle symbolizes reunion, while the square symbolizes squareness and stability

Second, the partition of the wall

the partition of the wall should be solid at the bottom and empty at the top: facing the porch of the gate, the lower half should be based on brick wall or wood board, which is solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best to be transparent. If the porch is not made of a wall, it is OK to replace it with a low cabinet, which is decorated with glass or transparent wooden frame. The low cabinet can be used as a shoe cabinet or sundry cabinet, and the top can be inlaid with frosted glass, which is not only beautiful and practical, but also in line with the way of reality and emptiness. It must be noted that the glass is different from the mirror. The mirror that can reflect can not face the door, because it will reflect the wealth of the home, but frosted glass has no such concern

III. floor layout

the floor of the porch should be flat: flat floor can not only make the house smooth, but also avoid falling. At the same time, the floor of the porch should be kept horizontal as far as possible, and there should be no distinction between high and low

the floor color of the porch should be deep: dark color symbolizes massiness, and deep floor color symbolizes deep foundation, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui. If it is required to be brighter, it can be wrapped around with dark stones, and the middle part adopts lighter stones. If you choose to shop carpets in the porch, the same principle should be adopted. Carpets with darker colors on the four sides and lighter colors in the middle should be selected

IV. placement of shoe cabinets

it is logical to place shoe cabinets in the porch, because it is very convenient for both hosts and guests to change shoes here. and? Shoes? And? Harmonic? Homonymy means harmony and harmony, and shoes must be in pairs, which is very meaningful. Families need harmony and harmony most, so it’s lucky to see shoes at the beginning. Nevertheless, there are still some aspects to pay attention to when placing shoe cabinets in the porch

the shoe cabinet should not be too high or too large: the height of the shoe cabinet should not exceed the height of the head of household. If it exceeds this scale, it is inappropriate. The area of shoe cabinet should be small rather than large, short rather than high

VIII. Layout of plants

because the porch is the area where family visitors have their first impression after entering the room, the indoor plants placed play an important role. Large plants plus lighting, stylish trees and potted orchids in full bloom are all suitable for the porch. In case of poor light in the porch, blowing by the draught, low temperature at night, narrow walkways or few square or rectangular spaces, ordinary flowering plants will be more suitable than plants with special shapes. In addition, the same kind of plants can be arranged between the porch and the living room, so as to connect the two spaces. Plants are placed in the porch to afforest the indoor environment and increase vitality. Those who are auspicious will be more auspicious, and those who are vicious will turn evil into auspicious. However, it must be noted that the plants placed in the porch should be mainly evergreen plants enjoying leaves, such as iron tree, fortune tree, golden Pueraria, banyan and so on. Thorny plants such as cacti, roses and cuckoos should not be placed in the porch to avoid damaging the Feng Shui there. Moreover, the porch plants must remain evergreen. If they are withered and yellow, they should be replaced as soon as possible

IX. choice of ornaments

because the porch is located in the rush point, it has a great impact on the house transportation. Therefore, be careful to place the ornaments here, so as not to inadvertently damage the feng shui of the house. The ancients put lions and unicorns, powerful and spiritual beasts, to guard at the door as the patron saint of the house. If a lion or unicorn is placed outside the house, it will often be subject to many restrictions. Second, it can be placed in the place facing the gate in the porch, which can also have the effect of protection. Many people like to put various animal shaped handicrafts in the porch as ornaments, but they should remember not to collide with the zodiac of the head of household, so as to avoid the risk of being offended by the entrance

X. installation of porch lens

usually, the installation of mirrors in the porch can be used to sort out the instruments when entering and leaving, and can also make the porch look wider and brighter. However, it is absolutely inappropriate for the mirror to align with the door for no reason, because the lens has a reflective effect, which will reflect the prosperity and wealth flowing from the door and shut out the God of wealth

it is also not suitable to post lenses on the top of the porch. If the ceiling on the top of the porch is made of lenses, you can see your reflection as soon as you enter the door, and you will feel that heaven and earth are upside down under your head and feet. This is a big taboo in Feng Shui and must be avoided as far as possible

What are the common sense of Feng Shui about decorating a house

1. Lack of angle of house

we all know that building a house pays attention to square and upright. If there is a lack of angle of house, it is a typical problem in Feng Shui. The house type is divided into eight directions: stem, chop, gen, earthquake, Xun, Li, Kun and exchange. The lack of divination position will have an adverse impact on the person of which divination position, For example, the lack of qiangua men’s career position in the northwest corner will have a great impact on the career and financial luck of the male owner of the family. These eight directions correspond to all aspects of family life respectively. Therefore, the lack of housing angle is an important factor affecting Feng Shui

2. Death door presses the bed

we all know that almost one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. It can be imagined how long the bed has been with us. Feng Shui is a science of orientation. There are eight strange doors, including open door, life door, rest door, injury door, Du door, Jing door, death door and surprise door. Among them, the dead door is the most unlucky. If the position of the bed is right on the dead door, it will have a great impact on people. We must ask someone to resolve it

3. The zodiac represents twelve zodiac signs. People born every year have different signs, and different signs have different good and bad luck. In house Feng Shui, the most taboo is that the gate is in opposition to the sign. Our sign cannot be chosen by ourselves, but the direction of the gate can be controlled. For example, when the house is in opposition to people at home, Then the man’s luck will be suppressed

how to look at house Feng Shui

1. How to look at house Feng Shui depends on house type

previously, we introduced that the lack of corner of house is a serious position in house Feng Shui. When we look at a house Feng Shui, we should start from its house type map. Now many house types are sawtooth or irregular. We should look at the lack of corner and try our best to remedy it during decoration. Here is a brief description of what each missing corner represents

2. How to look at the feng shui of the house? The door faces

we all know that there is a seven star map in Feng Shui. When we get the house type map, we divide the map into 9 parts by well segmentation method. The square in which the orientation of the door falls belongs to that door. There are eight seven star charts in total. They are on the Seven Star column pen or seven star business card. You can take them with you when looking at the house Feng Shui. The red area is auspicious and the blue area is vicious

3. How to look at the geomantic omen of the house depends on the surrounding environment

if the geomantic omen of the house type is good, it doesn’t make much difference. We also need to look at the geomantic omen around the house. For example, when the door suitable for us is facing the outdoor sign, lamp post or the gap between the two floors, it will affect our health and luck. For another example, the high-rise buildings with glass in front of and behind the door are easy to cause us to be irritable and withdrawn

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