Why not study and work in the bedroom

Some residential functional zoning is not particularly clear, there is no study, family study and work are carried out in the bedroom. Although this saves space, it does not meet the requirements of auspicious house Feng Shui. The function of the bedroom is simple and clear, which is to rest. Only after a good rest can we work better

therefore, the requirements for Feng Shui in the bedroom are also different from other rooms. For example, we say that the bedroom should not be too large, the light in the bedroom should not be too strong, and the layout of the bedroom should be warm. In short, the overall atmosphere of the bedroom needs to be very soft, just like a hypnotic song, which can make people fall asleep quickly

if you study or work in such an environment, it is easy to fall asleep, and it is difficult to maintain a clear mind and clear thinking, which will affect work efficiency. If you work or study in the couple’s bedroom, the light on the side who lights up the night reading will form an indoor light brake and affect the sleep of the other person

therefore, if family members study or work at home for a long time, it is best to set up a special study to create the most favorable atmosphere for study and work. In many families, children’s bedrooms are often also places for children to study. If possible, it is best to set up a separate study for children; If the child’s bedroom needs to be connected with the study, it’s best to put potted mint on the desk, or articles with wenchangyun to refresh the mind and help the child transport, so as to resist the smell of sleep from the bed

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