Why not raise fish in the bedroom

Some people like to put the fish tank in the bedroom to increase the mood of the bedroom, but it is very unlucky in Feng Shui. Why? The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, and the fish have the vitality and vitality, showing a dynamic image. The bedroom is a main quiet place. Putting the fish that can swim from time to time is naturally not conducive to sleep. Moreover, the fish five acts of water, and the fish tank has to contain clean water. Therefore, the moisture is heavy, which will be harmful to health in the bedroom

if the fish tank is placed near or facing the head of the bed, it is like pouring water at the head of the bed. Residents may suffer from head wind, headache and other diseases; If facing the end of the bed, for example, if your feet are inserted into the water for a long time, it may lead to rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases, which are all taboos in Feng Shui

the elderly and children have poor resistance. Putting fish tanks in these two places is particularly harmful to their health. If the fish tank is placed in the husband and wife’s master bedroom, the damp atmosphere in the bedroom is too heavy, and the five elements of the fish belong to water, which is likely to bring the ” Flashing Peach Blossom ” , It’s easy to have an affair

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