Why is black furniture suitable for bedrooms

Bedroom furniture, bedroom space and bedroom owner together constitute the atmosphere of the bedroom, so it can not be ignored in Feng Shui. Different furniture in the bedroom pay different attention to Feng Shui, but the overall Feng Shui requirement of bedroom furniture is that black should not be used

for a couple’s bedroom, black represents water in the five elements. Close contact between furniture and people will cause excessive moisture on the couple and produce ” Water peach blossom evil spirit ” , It is easy to cause couples to have two hearts and have an affair. If black furniture is placed in the elderly’s bedroom, it will make the elderly more depressed and lonely. Black furniture is like a black mountain, which suppresses the health of the elderly and is not conducive to the health of the elderly

for children’s bedrooms, although children benefit from water, black belongs to ” Turbid water, Especially as furniture, contact with people is very frequent, which is not conducive to children’s health. If family members are short of water in the five elements, they can replenish water through other items in the bedroom. It is better not to choose black furniture

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