What shape is the most favorable Feng Shui for the bedroom

The bedroom is the place where family members sleep. A person spends a quarter to a third of his time in the bedroom every day. Therefore, the quality of Feng Shui in the bedroom has a great impact on people. In terms of bedroom layout, it is best to choose square rooms in all directions, because square rooms are conducive to ventilation, and they also give people a sense of stability, stability and broad vision in visual effect

the pattern of the bedroom is closely related to the emotion. A square bedroom represents a stable emotion. The husband and wife will be united forever and grow old together. If the bedroom is narrow or irregular, the husband and wife will get together less and more, have unstable feelings, have a grumpy temper, be withdrawn, etc

if you encounter a long and narrow bedroom due to the limitation of the residential pattern, you can make appropriate transformation to separate the dressing room, storage room or workroom, and properly make the remaining bedrooms square. If the bedroom is polygonal or has sharp corners, you can put screens or cabinets in the corners to relieve the bad breath, or put green potted plants suitable for indoor planting in the sharp corners

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