Why not connect the bedroom with the balcony

In modern houses, affected by the residential area, some families connect the balcony outside the bedroom with the bedroom. In this way, on the surface, it seems to expand the area of the bedroom, make full use of the residential space, and the ventilation and lighting are also improved, but in fact, it violates the Feng Shui principle

because if the balcony is transformed into a part of the bedroom, people are vulnerable to strong light and strong air flow when they rest in the bedroom, because even if the window of the balcony is closed. But after all, the windows are glass windows, which neither block the light nor wind, nor maintain the indoor microclimate. They are greatly affected by the outside world. It feels like people sleep in an open-air house, which is not conducive to rest and preserve the heat in the body. It often causes mental tension and leads to wind, cold and so on

The unstable relationship between family members will also lead to the loss of vitality in the indoor market, which will also lead to the loss of family vitality. Therefore, never connect the bedroom with the balcony in order to make use of a little space, but should distinguish the functions and play their due role

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