Does the size of the gate have an impact on house transportation

The size of the gate has a great impact on house transportation. Feng Shui emphasizes harmony, and the size of the gate must match the house. Generally speaking, the residence is only one floor of the building, and the residential area is not large, so it is suitable to open a single door; If it is a separate suite, it is generally suitable to use two doors as the gate

in short, there must be no imbalance. If the house is too large and the door is too small, it is not conducive to the inflow of anger and damage the wealth of the family. Moreover, the door cabin is large, and its momentum is not generous and beautiful, which has a great impact on the door and interpersonal relationship of the family. Conversely, if the small door of the house is large, it is regarded as an unlucky phenomenon by Feng Shui experts. It’s an unlucky sign

the small door of the house is not closed. Although there are angry people, the house does not have enough money gathering ability, and the money in the house flows away in the wind. Everything in home feng shui is harmonious and balanced. The small door of the house will give the poor a poor look, and the house itself can’t afford it. Originally, the main body of a good house should be a house, but now it is mainly designated] offside, regardless of primary and secondary, which will damage the house transportation

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