Is it good to use arch doors for house decoration

Arch refers to the door with circular arc shape. Generally, arch is not commonly used, and the most commonly used is the square door. Such a door is more common and more in line with the stress of Feng Shui; However, in order to pursue the sense of design and unique home style, some young people will also design the home door into an arch. From the perspective of Feng Shui, is it not good for house decoration arch Feng Shui? Come and have a look.

is the feng shui of the arch good

We all know that the decoration of a house should not only pay attention to the style, sense of design, practicability and other issues, but also pay attention to the problem of Feng Shui, because in the decoration of a house, the quality of Feng Shui is related to the bad luck of the family, and as the saying goes ” One life, two fortunes and three Feng Shui ” , Feng Shui is so important that how can we ignore it? Therefore, the decoration shape of the door has to pay attention to Feng Shui! Generally speaking, arches are rare, but there are many people in life who will decorate them specially! From the perspective of traditional Feng Shui, the feng shui of arch is not good! The main reason is that the shape of the arch gate is like the shape of a tombstone, which will bring an unlucky meaning to the home. It also means that the whole house is like a tomb, and the door of the home is a tombstone! It can be seen that the feng shui of the arch gate is very unlucky. If the arch gate is decorated, I’m afraid it will bring endless disasters and bad luck to the home, and may even lead to the decline of the family fortune, and the family fortune will never recover from it, and so on.

In addition, arch doors will also bring bad feng shui aura and blood disaster to the home! Neither the door of the house nor the door of the room in the house can be decorated into an arch, otherwise it will cause unimaginable consequences.

Feng Shui of house door decoration

Through the above articles, we understand that the taboo of the shape of the door is arch. In addition, what else should we pay attention to in the decoration of the door.

1) Orientation

Feng Shui believes that when the door is decorated, we have to pay attention to the orientation. The orientation is related to the acceptance of Qi in the house, while the acceptance of Qi is related to the feng shui of the house. It can be seen that the orientation of the gate also determines the Feng Shui! Generally speaking, the gate should not face the fierce place and some places with heavy evil spirit. In particular, it should be noted that the gate should not face the desperate side.

2) Size

the problem of size should not be ignored when the door of the house is decorated. The size of the gate is closely related to Feng Shui. If the gate is too large, the gas accumulation in the house will be affected; The gate is too small, and the gas absorption of the house is affected; Therefore, in the decoration of the house, the size of the gate should be moderate, not too large or too small. As long as the size is used, it can meet the requirements of Feng Shui.

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