What are the competing Wenchang AIDS

Some geomantic omens will use the Wenchang luck aid of hedging, because they don’t know to use the God according to the whole eight characters of their children, and use the Wenchang luck aid suitable for the five elements

for example, Wenchang Wusi on day a: it belongs to fire. If a person’s eight character is born in summer, avoid fire, and Wenchang position will be used in the opposite position, that is ” The sea collides with the sea ” ; The Hai position, not the Si position, is due to ” Hai ” ; For water, Wenchang put pigs instead of snakes

when increasing Wenchang, do not use conflicting Wenchang AIDS. In addition to using towers to increase Wenchang, ancient Chinese feng shui masters also used sharp stone mountains to increase Wenchang, because it is similar to a pen tower

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