Pay attention to the swing of Feng Shui bed in bedroom decoration

There is a lot of emphasis on the placement of beds in the bedroom, and when we decorate the bedroom, the first thing to pay attention to is ” Stay in bed ” ; Placement and arrangement. After all, lying in bed is the core of the whole bedroom and the place where we sleep. It is closely related to the feng shui of the bedroom and our sleep

the bed is placed by the large window

many people like to place the bed next to the window. They think it is more comfortable to place the bed in this way, but in fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the bed should not be placed close to the window! First of all, the window is the place where the air circulates, and the bed is placed here. When we sleep, we are easily affected by the circulation of the air field, which often leads to colds, headaches, and even the decline of our own resistance! In addition, the window is where the spirit is very heavy. Placing the bed in this way affects not only our health, but also the feng shui of the bedroom and our luck

the head of the bed facing west

according to Feng Shui, the bed should not be placed towards the positive West, mainly because the positive West is the direction of decline and prosperity. Such placement of the bed will have an impact on our luck, thus damaging our luck development; In addition, placing the head of the bed to the West will cause our blood to not circulate well during sleep, which will affect our health

the head of the bed should not be empty

in Feng Shui, there are many stresses on the placement of the bed, and every stress should be paid attention to. Among them, the bedside should not be empty, which is also a major stress that we should pay attention to! Many people often place the bed in the center of the bedroom when placing the bed, resulting in no support behind the bed and the empty head of the bed. In this way, we will only have no sense of security when we sleep, resulting in long-term insomnia and unstable sleep, which will eventually affect our own health. It can be seen that placing the head of the bed is very unfavorable

the bedroom bed is placed against the wall

the correct placement method of the bed is to place the bed against the wall, so that the head of the bed closely fits the wall, which can ensure the stability of us, improve our sense of security, and is very conducive to the feng shui of the bedroom

it is forbidden to have a beam when lying in bed

finally, when placing the bed, we also need to note that there can be no beam above the bed. As we all know, the appearance of the beam will form a very unlucky Feng Shui gas field, which will oppress our nerves and fortune. Therefore, the placement of the bed can not be oppressed by the beam. In any case, we should avoid the position of the beam, so as to make the wind, water and gas field of the bedroom better

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