What items should not be put at the gate

The gate is the face and air outlet of the house. It should have been kept clean and tidy in order to bring good luck to the house. If there is still a pile of Feng Shui damaging items at the gate, it will have a great impact on house transportation, just like people’s face hasn’t been washed

first, there should be no mounds, rubble, dead branches and leaves at the gate, which will impair the wealth of the family and affect the auspicious atmosphere near the gate

Second: there must be no garbage dump at the gate. If it is a spontaneous garbage dump, it should be cleaned up in time and explained to the neighbors. You should also set an example and go far when taking out the garbage; If the trash can set by the property management is right in front of your house, you can explain to the property management to move it, or hang a mirror outside the door to turn the evil spirit, because the garbage is very dirty and does great harm to the health of your family

the third is: some people like to pile shoes at the gate, which is convenient for entering and changing shoes, but the shoes at the gate must be stacked neatly. It is best to have a shoe rack next to them, which is convenient for sorting. You can’t put too many shoes, and it’s best to just enter and change slippers. Because shoes are articles that people wear on their feet and walk around, the accumulation of more turbidity will be very heavy. It is not conducive to house transportation, and shoes must be disinfected and cleaned frequently to maintain hygiene, which is more conducive to the health of family members

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