What are the Feng Shui taboos of raising spiders

Modern people chase new and strange pets, and there are many kinds of pets. Spiders are one of the more distinctive climbing pets. Raising spiders needs to pay attention to some Feng Shui details, otherwise it may not be conducive to the transportation of houses

first of all, families with children are not suitable for raising spiders, especially avoid raising poisonous spiders. Spiders have many feet and like to crawl around, which may make children feel afraid and be harmful to their health

the second is to prepare a residence for spiders. Lampshades, glass jars, wooden boxes and paper boxes can be used. According to the habits of different spiders, prepare some food near the nest during the feeding period of spiders, so as to prevent spiders from preying everywhere, crawling everywhere, or having no solid settlement. Feng Shui believes that a house full of cobwebs will lose money, so make sure your pet spider can find its own cave and stay in it for a long time

in addition, the small cave of the spider should be close to the wall. With a backer behind it, the spider will feel more secure and raise spiders more smoothly

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