Children’s room layout taboos

It is the wish of every parent to hope for a successful son and a popular daughter. However, because some parents love their children too much and hope that their children can have a peaceful and comfortable reading space, there is no place that is not perfect when decorating the children’s room. However, many people often make a fool of themselves and waste their efforts. Now we will introduce some taboos about the layout of children’s room in detail

I. bedroom

1 The children’s room can not be set next to the machine room or under the balcony. If it is set next to the machine room, it will affect the children’s rest due to the noise emitted by the machine, and it is easy to make the children’s nerves weak after a long time

  2. The ceiling on the top of the bedroom should be flat, and the color should be milky white (dark color is fierce); Some vertical and horizontal wooden strips can be decorated on the ceiling, but do not hang all kinds of strange ornaments on it

  3. The floor of the bedroom can not be paved with that kind of crimson carpet or long hair carpet, especially the long hair carpet. It is easy to hide a lot of dust, bacteria and mites, which is very easy to make people suffer from bronchitis

  4. Don’t hang too many wind chimes in the bedroom, because the wind chimes will ring continuously when encountering a little wind. Hearing these sounds for a long time is easy to cause neurasthenia

  5. There should be enough light in the bedroom, so as to make the whole bedroom look neat and bright; The main colors in the bedroom should avoid pink, bright red and dark black, so as not to make people’s temperament become irritable

  6. If the bedroom is too small, it can’t be decorated too complex. If the decoration is too complex, it will make the room look very messy and give people a feeling of unreasonable

  7. The bedroom door cannot be opposed to the toilet door

II. wall

some strange animal portraits cannot be pasted on the wall, so as not to have a strange impact on children’s usual behavior. Because tangible things must have spirit and birds of a feather flock together, which is not conducive to children’s healthy growth

III. ground

it is best to lay natural wood floor on the ground of children’s room, which is safe and easy to clean. Avoid paving with stone. The stone is cold and contains some radioactive elements more or less, which is not conducive to the growth of children

carpet should not be laid in children’s room. Although the carpet is safe and is not afraid of children falling, it is easy to attach too much dust, and long-term use will lead to children suffering from respiratory diseases

IV. Color

parents want their children to have a comfortable space, which is conducive to their healthy growth. This is the reason why children’s rooms are all perfect. Colorful bright colors and lively style are the biggest features of children’s room

due to children’s rich imagination, different colors can stimulate children’s visual nerves, and the ever-changing patterns can meet children’s imagination of the whole world. These are indispensable and important links in children’s growth

bright colors can not only attract children’s attention, but also stimulate children’s visual development, improve children’s creativity and train children’s sensitivity to color. It should be noted that the color inside the children’s room should be light and elegant. It is not allowed to use too dazzling red and purple to avoid stimulating children. It is also forbidden to use black and pure white

in order to achieve the harmonious effect of the room and conducive to the healthy growth of children, it is best to use light blue as the bottom, and then decorate some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors

v. lighting

it is best to use soft wall lamps to replace cabinet lamps or floor lamps in the lighting of children’s room, which is warm and soft, and can avoid the danger of scattered wires on the ground to children. If children are afraid of the dark and cannot sleep, a small lamp can be placed at the height of the children’s room, which can effectively improve the problem of children’s fear of the dark

VI. bed

1 Children’s beds can also not be set under the beam, which will have a bad impact on children’s sleep speed and sleep quality

  2. If the bed is just facing the window, it is easy to upset people when the outdoor sun is too strong, which can be blocked by installing curtains

  3. The head of the bed can’t flush the door, let alone lean against the front and back of the toilet

children’s room is a place for children’s rest and entertainment. It has many common functions with the bedroom, so some key points of bedroom layout are also applicable to children’s room

in addition, the children’s room should also be far away from the kitchen, and there should be no ventilation, so that children are easy to catch a cold

the children’s room needs space, so the decoration should not be too complex, and the furniture should not be too large. The room should not feel blocked and cramped

children’s room should leave enough growth space for children, cultivate children’s independence and reduce dependence through the influence education of environment and family. A small table or small storage cabinet can be set up in the room, so that they can freely arrange their internal items and cultivate their practical ability. Round furniture shall be used as much as possible, and glass products shall not be used to avoid sharp corners and reduce the risk of collision

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