Bed placement direction

The placement of beds is very important. It directly affects a person’s sleep. One third of one’s life is spent in bed. Therefore, bed is not only the most important appliance in the bedroom, but also a place for people to rest, sleep, replenish energy and restore vitality. Since then, people have attached great importance to the placement of beds in the bedroom

if the bed is placed in an unreasonable position, it will not only affect the residents’ sleep and rest, but also affect the residents’ physical and mental health after a long time

Traditional bedroom layout in China must be paid attention to; Hide wind and gather gas ” ;. This view is consistent with the results of modern scientific research. The research shows that there is a layer of gas field on the human body surface, which is formed by the continuous flow of energy generated by the human body itself. When residents are resting and sleeping, if the bed is properly placed, the human body’s gas field can coincide with the earth’s magnetic field

in terms of bedroom Feng Shui, if you want to get a stable sleep, you must pay attention to the orientation of people’s head during sleep; According to the traditional habit, when sleeping, people’s head is always against the head of the bed, so the head direction is the bed direction. If you sleep with your head toward ” Kyrgyzstan ” ; If you are lucky, you can have peace of mind; But if you go to ” Evil side ” ; It’s fierce. You may have trouble sleeping

I. Kyrgyzstan

the so-called ” Kyrgyzstan, It mainly refers to the orientation matching with your five elements. If they are people with five elements of Xi Mu, when they sleep, their bed and head should face ” Wood ” ; The east or southeast direction of Qi dangwang will be continuously supplemented by wood Qi in the process of sleeping. After waking up, the mind will be particularly clear, the whole person will be in high spirits, and it will be handy to do things

Second, the evil side

the so-called ” Evil Party, It mainly refers to the position of conquering the five elements. Here, let’s take the five elements of Camptotheca acuminata as an example. If they sleep with their bed and head facing ” Gold ” ; The west direction or northwest direction of Qi dangwang, because Feng Shui believes that ” Jinkemu ” , So when you fall asleep, these directions should be prosperous ” Gold ” ; Qi will constantly overcome your ” Wood ” ; Angry, so people will be difficult to sleep

through the above analysis, we know ” Wood ” ; When sleeping, the bed and head should be facing due east or Southeast; Five element happiness ” Fire ” ; When sleeping, the bed and head should be facing due south; Five element happiness ” Soil ” ; When sleeping, the bed and head should face northeast or southwest; Five element happiness ” Gold ” ; When sleeping, the bed and head should be facing the due west or northwest; Five element happiness ” Water ” ; When sleeping, the bed and head should be facing due north

in addition, on weekdays, I always hear some people complain about whether they are committing peach blossom, and even their partners are sleeping in strange dreams. In fact, these conditions may be caused by improper home layout. Let’s take a look at what places in a room will violate the principle of auspicious feng shui at home:

first, putting flowers at the head of the bed is easy to make peach flowers

if you put flowers at the head of the bed, both husband and wife may have an affair. In the long run, it is easy to go their separate ways and break the family

II. The bedside mirror is embedded to provoke ” Ghosts ”

in this case, the homeowner will have symptoms of headache and insomnia. Nowadays, many young people decorate their houses in an unconventional and romantic way, but they don’t know that things are in order, otherwise they will be affected. Therefore, we should pay attention to Feng Shui while being romantic, but we can’t just affect our identity and health to create a romantic atmosphere

III. the bed is too close to the glass window

it will appear empty and unreliable. You can’t do things in a down-to-earth manner, which will seriously affect the development of your career. Houses in modern metropolises often have buildings in front of the building, behind the building and beside the building. In this case, if the bed is too close to the window, the bedroom will not maintain privacy

in addition, with the improvement of people’s living standards, nightlife is also enriched, and the city becomes noisy day and night. Those annoying noises will enter the room through not too thick glass windows, which will directly affect people’s sleep; And ” There are many dreams under the window ” ; The statement of has also been fulfilled in practice. According to previous Feng Shui books, the bed is too close to the window, and it is easy to ” Red apricots come out of the wall ”

In real life, if a person’s bedroom is very messy, it will certainly affect the homeowner’s luck. Many people may not understand that cleanliness can bring good luck. Always tidy up your environment and always give yourself a good mood. Good luck will naturally follow

in fact, Feng Shui is not as complex as you think, nor is it so far away. It’s right beside you. It is not as mysterious as some people say, and it is directly held in the sky. It is not like some people who do not understand Feng Shui at all, but say that it is a superstition and stepped on the ground. Feng Shui is around you. It’s everywhere and easy to understand

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