Is the arch in home decoration good or bad

Is the arch in home decoration good or bad

The so-called arch does not only refer to the door with an arc shape at the top, but also represents an arc top decoration method in home decoration, that is, decoration according to the way with an arc at the top. Such a decoration method can also be called arch. The Feng Shui possessed by the arch is actually not good. 

The arc of the gate is an image of breaking money

the shape of the house gate must be rectangular, so that it can meet the ” The sky is round and the place is round, Square things can bring stable Feng Shui. Especially for the door of the home, it is absolutely impossible to choose the arch with obvious arc when buying the door of the house. If the gate presents the shape of an arch, it will lead to a lack of wealth in the family and the inability to gather wealth, which is a typical phase of breaking money.

The house is decorated with arches

if there are arches in the decoration style of the house, it will also have a great impact on the feng shui of the whole house. The reason is that the arch will make the whole wall look quite low. Unlike the square decoration style, the wall and ceiling basically show a 90 degree right angle, rather than being too short due to the existence of the arc top. From the visual effect, it is extremely suppressed.

How to resolve this bad decoration

because it is difficult to change at will after the decoration is completed, otherwise it will affect the normal Feng Shui in the whole house. Therefore, after the appearance of the arch, some feng shui ornaments with sedentary evil spirit should be placed to resolve the Yin Qi and bad feng shui conditions brought by the arch. Such as geomantic plants, or unicorns, goblins, and sacred animal ornaments with the effect of transforming evil spirits, the effect is very excellent.

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