How to put flowers? How to have good feng shui

How to put flowers? How to have good feng shui? Flowers can not only beautify the home environment, but also bring luck to home feng shui. If you want to know more about how to place flowers, please take a look at the relevant articles below

placement of flowers Feng Shui

1. East: placing red flowers to boost wealth (especially for women); Put yellow flowers to promote business

2. The West: putting white and yellow flowers is healthy, which is also quite beneficial to partial wealth. Display red flowers and peach blossoms (especially for men)

3. South: put green plants to boost contacts; It’s more advantageous to make a fortune, especially a good fortune

4. North: put white flowers to boost contacts and increase health (especially for friends belonging to rats)

5. Southeast: pink flowers are placed to promote good luck, especially for single female friends. Put white and yellow flowers for health

6. Southwest: put red flowers and flourishing peach flowers to increase the relationship between husband and wife; Put yellow flowers to boost wealth

7. Northeast: place yellow flowers to prevent right and wrong and enhance contacts

8. Northwest: display white and yellow flowers to promote wealth, especially men; Put pink flowers for good luck, especially for women

the lifespan of flowers is very short, mostly within a week, and it will be shorter in summer. In particular, flowers like tulips will wither in about two days. How can you keep the flowers longer? One Feng Shui network gives suggestions. Friends might as well try:

1) first, cut the root of flowers obliquely, so that the water absorption part is large and can absorb more water

2) Secondly, cut some every day to ensure better absorption of water

3) also, don’t soak the leaves of flowers in water, so the leaves will rot, so be sure to remove the leaves soaked in water

4) change the water every day. If it’s summer, in order to keep the water temperature from rising, you can put a few pieces of ice in the vase; At the same time, it is best to fill the vase with water, which can not only keep the water temperature for a long time, but also increase the weight at the bottom of the vase and ensure the stability of the vase

5) in order to make the flowers bloom longer, you can also put a little beer in the vase, or grind two aspirin into powder and put it in. It can prolong the life of flowers

6) among the flowers often bought by ordinary families, tulips have the shortest life and carnations have the longest life. If your host wants to be beautiful and economical, you should buy less tulips and more carnations. Especially in summer, tulips will soon wither

7) it should also be noted that chrysanthemums are generally not bought in families. Because chrysanthemums are usually used for offering

“lt; 8) it will mix with several flowers in the vase and make it look luxurious. Different silk flowers can be used repeatedly with different flowers


1. The above Flower placement has something in common, that is to say, it is suitable for most friends

2. For a small number of friends, flowers need to be placed in a personalized way, and no one can follow suit

3. Never use fake flowers because they symbolize death and decline

4. Note: if your flowers are not placed correctly, you will have different luck

5. If you feel guilty of villains and there are always villains playing tricks, you can place or hang red flowers or potted plants (cactus and cactus are appropriate) on the left side of your desk. Note that 3 flowers are appropriate. In addition, it is better to put less office supplies on the right side of the desk, because it is a white tiger position, which needs to be cautious. Remember that Feng Shui is around us

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