What should Feng Shui pay attention to in family interior decoration

What must be paid attention to in the decoration of home interior is ” mdash” mdash; Feng Shui. Many people don’t understand why we should pay attention to Feng Shui in home decoration? In fact, Feng Shui has a great impact on us. It is always related to our luck and affects our journey. Of course, we have to pay attention to these related Feng Shui

sharp corner brake:

sharp corner brake is the evil spirit formed by sharp corners. The formation of sharp corner brake may be because there are sharp corners facing the home outdoors, or it may be because there are sharp corners in the interior decoration. Sharp horn evil will affect the emotional harmony of the family, cause the family to always compete with each other, cause a family to be full of quarrels, and seriously affect the health of the family. Therefore, in the decoration of family interior, we must pay attention to the problem of sharp corner evil! Whether it is walls, furniture, decorations, or ornaments, they should not have sharp corners, otherwise the sharp corner evil spirit will be formed, which is very unfavorable to the luck

piercing heart evil spirit:

piercing heart evil spirit is one of the most common evil spirits in life. Piercing heart evil spirit can appear in many families. It’s because of the improper arrangement of the pattern! So under what circumstances will the heart piercing evil spirit be formed? When the door of the home is opposite to the window, when the door in the home is opposite to the balcony, when the balcony in the home is opposite to the window, and when the kitchen in the middle of the home is opposite to the balcony, the above four decoration patterns will form a piercing spirit. The formation of chuanxinsha will lead to the inability of home to gather Qi, and we all know that only houses that hide wind and gather Qi can have good feng shui. Therefore, chuanxinsha affects home feng shui and our personal wealth

toilet occupying the central palace:

toilet occupying the central palace is an uncommon pattern, but many people who know nothing about feng shui will still encounter such a pattern! So what is ” The toilet occupies the middle Palace ” ; And? The so-called toilet Zhanzhong palace refers to the location of the toilet in the center of the whole room. Such a location will damage the Feng Shui aura of the home! The bad atmosphere of the toilet affects the central palace, which is equivalent to affecting the heart of the whole house. It can be seen that such decoration has a great impact on the overall Feng Shui in the family room, so we have to pay attention to it

the living room is too small

people always tend to ignore the area of the living room. In fact, as the most important space in a house, the size of the living room must be noticed! Feng Shui believes that if the area of the living room is too small and the pattern of the living room is too narrow, it will have a great impact on Feng Shui in the living room and family transportation, and will affect the development of family transportation. Therefore, the area of the living room should not be too small

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