Is there a taboo on Feng Shui for the chandelier in the living room

In Feng Shui, the chandelier in the living room also has many Feng Shui Taboos; So, what Feng Shui taboos does the living room chandelier have? What are the taboos of Feng Shui in the selection of chandeliers in the living room? What are the Feng Shui taboos of the living room chandelier? The following is the taboo of Feng Shui in the living room chandelier.

What Feng Shui taboos are there for living room chandeliers

Feng Shui taboos for living room chandeliers — match the ceiling color

In Feng Shui taboos for living room lamps, we know that when installing chandeliers in the living room, we must pay attention to the color of the ceiling. The ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky, while the floor symbolizes the ground. If you want to comply with ” The sky is light and the earth is heavy ” ; In principle, if we don’t feel top heavy or top pressed, we should use lighter colors on the ceiling and heavier colors on the floor. In this way, we will choose more chandeliers.

Feng Shui taboo of living room chandelier — the color of indoor light should not be dim

Because it has ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; Therefore, we must give people a bright feeling in the living room. This is also shown in the feng shui of the living room lamp. Only when the living room lamp is sufficient can we bring the development of our career. If it is dim, it will affect the career of people living at home.

Therefore, the round fluorescent chandelier has become the first choice in the living room. And in the wooden trough around the ceiling, a fluorescent lamp is hidden to fill the light, which will make the light of such a chandelier soft and not dazzling, which has a stabilizing effect on people’s spirit and emotion.

Feng Shui taboo of living room chandeliers — crystal chandeliers attract wealth

From the feng shui of living room lamps and Feng Shui, the concave position in the middle of the ceiling forms a water gathering ” Tianchi, It is not only beneficial to the living room and can increase the owner’s career, but also of great help to the whole house. In this ” Tianchi ” ; Hang a large crystal chandelier in line with the style of the living room, which will make the whole living room full of this magnificent effect. Let’s show the career of fortune and wealth, and also play a finishing touch effect. However, we should pay attention to that we can’t install mirrors on the ceiling, which is a big taboo in the living room lights and Feng Shui.

We learned from the Feng Shui taboo of living room lights that the ceiling installation should not use the mouth type, and the mouth shaped ceiling with people in the middle becomes a prison character, so we suggest that you should use less mouth shaped ceiling; Secondly, you can’t use the fish bone evil ceiling, because the fish bone has the meaning of poverty and hardship and no fish meat to eat. Then the bone itself is evil Qi, so of course, you should use it carefully.

Pay attention to Feng Shui taboos when choosing chandeliers in the living room

If you like crystal chandeliers in your home, you should generally choose Amethyst, topaz and green ghost. The role of Amethyst and green ghost is to make money, while citrine is to help make money.

Choose lamps instead of upside down sharp corners and cones, which is easy to form a sense of psychological oppression.

The chandelier should not be hung too low: the chandelier should not be hung too low regardless of the wire or iron support. This will not only block people’s deformed vision or make people feel dazzling, but also form a response to people.

The chandelier group should preferably be plural: each chandelier should have a switch, so that you can develop a smaller or larger light space according to your needs. From the perspective of metaphysics, special attention should be paid to: the chandelier group is best in double numbers, and it is better to buy three or five chandeliers.

In addition to the high hanging height of the chandelier, Feng Shui reminds friends that the material and situation of its lampshade and lamp ball should be wary of trade-offs, so as not to cause uncomfortable hard injuries. It’s best to choose from the fate of the house servant. The office space should be harmonious with its surroundings in color and texture.

The light in the living room should be on, but not dazzling. The auxiliary light should not be directly on the head of people.

What are the Feng Shui taboos of the chandelier in the living room

1. The lighting with strange shape

The shape of the lighting is round and square, and the lighting with strange shape will have a bad meaning in Feng Shui and have an adverse impact on the owner. Red light is easy to cause irritability, uneasiness and tension. It is not suitable to be used at home, especially in the bedroom.

Round is the best style. At present, chandeliers made of topaz and white crystal are very common in the colorful lighting world. The legendary Topaz can attract money and help the mind think, while white crystal is called ” Guanyun stone, It is said that it is beneficial to the official career and the friendship between relatives and friends. Under the irradiation of blanching light, the magnetic field effect must be strengthened.

2. The feng shui of the crystal chandelier in the living room affects the role of

Crystal chandelier. First, crystal can help improve wealth. Generally, amethyst, topaz and green ghost can be selected. The role of Amethyst and green ghost is to make money, while citrine is to help make money.

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