What material is the door most conducive to maintaining good feng shui in the bedroom

Residential Feng Shui effect is a cumulative process. Good feng shui is not only well designed, but also well maintained. For the bedroom, keeping is particularly important. As a place for sleep and rest, Feng Shui in the bedroom quietly affects the residents

therefore, the bedroom door must try to choose the best materials to protect the privacy of the bedroom. We say that the door of the bedroom should not face the door and the living room, otherwise the privacy of the bedroom is easy to be seen. However, compared with other parts of the house, there is a part of privacy in the bedroom that is invisible, including the warm atmosphere of the bedroom and the sound of the bedroom. The material of the bedroom door must be thick in order to give the occupants a sense of safety

moreover, the door of the bedroom should be soundproof to prevent the owner from being disturbed by the outdoor sound and sleep more comfortably. But the bedroom can’t be airtight. It’s best to have a gap between the bottom of the door and the ground. If the same person needs to breathe during sleep, the space of the bedroom also needs to breathe

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