Location of bedroom door Feng Shui

The bedroom door is very important. Its position will affect the feng shui of the whole bedroom. Therefore, the position of the door should pay attention to the following points:

the door should not be opposite the door . The bedroom is a resting place, which needs to be quiet and secret, and the door is a necessary place for family and friends to go in and out. Therefore, the door to door does not conform to the quiet rule of the bedroom. The door directly rushes to the door, which is easy to affect health and financial luck

the door must not face the bathroom . The toilet is a place for people to excrete, which is easy to produce dirt and moisture. Therefore, the door will have an impact on the air in the bedroom, which is harmful to people’s health

the door of the room must not face the mirror . The mirror has the function of reflection. It can reflect the evil spirit back on Feng Shui, so it can block the evil spirit. But the mirror facing the door will shine evil Chong Ke into the bedroom, which brings bad luck

the door should not face or be adjacent to the kitchen . The kitchen fire frying and discharging oil fume are easy to affect the opposite door and endanger human health. The kitchen is where the fire is made, which is very dry and hot, so it should not be adjacent to the bedroom, especially the bed close to the wall of the stove

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