Feng Shui in the bathroom is very particular

In Feng Shui, it is considered that the toilet is also very helpful to residential Feng Shui, but if it cannot be reasonably arranged, it will also destroy residential Feng Shui because of the toilet. This is mainly because the toilet is a place to hide filth and accept dirt, and there is more filthy gas in it. If there is a problem with Feng Shui, resulting in the dispersion of filthy gas, it will affect the residential Feng Shui and destroy the family transportation. Therefore, here I’ll talk to you about some Feng Shui taboos in the bathroom

  1. The toilet can not be placed against the door

if the toilet is placed against the door, it will lead to pollution. It is easy to enter the room from the toilet door, thus damaging the indoor Feng Shui. Moreover, such Feng Shui layout is easy to attract villains to talk about right and wrong, which has a certain negative impact on the life of their families. Therefore, there needs to be a distance between the toilet and the door, and it can’t be opposite from the front, otherwise it will have a great impact

  2. The mirror cannot face the toilet

the toilet is the water outlet of the house. In the introduction to Feng Shui, it is believed that the filthy gas in the house is generally discharged from the sewer, and the mirror has the function of reflecting the Feng Shui gas field to a certain extent. Therefore, if the mirror stands opposite to the toilet, it is not conducive to the sewage discharge effect of the toilet, resulting in the failure of indoor pollution to escape and the destruction of household transportation

  3. There must be windows in the bathroom, because in Feng Shui, windows are considered to be the air outlet of the residence. Therefore, if there are windows in the bathroom, it can play a certain sewage effect and let the filthy air in the bathroom go out from the window, which is conducive to residential Feng Shui. On the contrary, if there is no window in the toilet, it will also affect the sewage discharge effect of the toilet, resulting in more indoor pollution

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