Harmful substances affecting indoor Feng Shui transport

After testing, there are four kinds of harmful substances in indoor air that have the greatest impact on human body: formaldehyde, benzene series, radon and ammonia. Indoor formaldehyde mainly comes from various artificial boards, chemical fiber carpets, cosmetics, cleaners, coatings, pesticides, preservatives, etc., especially the adhesives in the boards. Because they are resin preparations, they will release a large amount of formaldehyde, and this release process is quite long, which will affect the indoor environment for a long time

benzene in indoor environment mainly comes from adhesives used in artificial plates, paints and coatings used on doors, windows and furniture surfaces, waterproof materials coated on kitchen and bathroom pipes, etc. Ammonia mainly comes from concrete additives, furniture coating additives and whitening agents in building construction. Radon mainly comes from natural earth and stone in home decoration, such as rockery or earth and stone used in the flat land in front of the door

in addition to causing indoor environmental pollution, harmful substances in the indoor environment also have a very adverse impact on residential Feng Shui. This is because harmful gases are a kind of bad luck in Feng Shui. Being surrounded by bad luck will affect the owner’s journey, and it is easy to be obstructed by all parties

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