Why shouldn’t the gate face the intersection

The gate is ” Accept Gas ” ; The door is the air outlet of the house, like the throat of people, ” When the door is opened, Qi flows from the door, and its power is against the earth’s Qi ” ; (the quintessence of Jin’s Geosciences ” middot; guihoulu Yangji chapter)

doors are as important as people eat with their mouth and breathe with their nose. Since it is ” Accept gas, Naturally, it is better to incorporate the auspicious and peaceful gas, while the information field carried by the road contains ominous gas fields such as rush and toil, car accident injuries and fierce collision. Of course, it is a great misfortune for such gas to form an energy field and directly shoot at the gate, which should be avoided first when choosing a house

in addition, from the perspective of safety, pedestrians and vehicles rush to the road when they go out, and the dust and garbage they bring are all on their faces. They are not only vulnerable to the influence of airflow, but also extremely unsanitary. Such houses should be especially taboo

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