How to put the plants in the living room

Feng Shui in the living room is related to the harmony of the family and the cultivation of interpersonal context, which will eventually affect the fortune and Prospect of the family. Generally, medium and small potted plants or flower arrangement are the main methods, and large potted plants are avoided to avoid attracting mosquitoes and creating a sense of oppression. Special festival activities can be arranged briefly. Families with busy work on weekdays can choose green foliage plants to relieve pressure. During holidays and leisure, they can be decorated with colorful flowers and leaves

foliage plants must be placed in the living room. If the plant seems to wither, it indicates that the energy in the home is insufficient. It is best to place at least one foliage plant with a height of more than 1 meter in the living room, and at least three pots of non type potted plants. The configuration of plants should first focus on the beauty of decoration, and the quantity should not be too large, otherwise it will not only be messy, but also be in poor growth condition

the selection of plants should pay attention to the combination of small and medium-sized plants. In addition, it should be placed at an angle so as not to hinder people from walking. Pay attention to the placement of plants so as not to hinder family activities or appear disorderly

large potted plants, such as Brazilian wood, false areca nut, fragrant dragon blood tree, Araucaria, cycas, rubber tree, etc., can be placed at the entrance of the living room, the corner of the hall and beside the stairs; Small foliage plants, such as spring feather, golden blood evergreen, colored leaf taro, etc., can be placed on the tea table and low cabinet; Medium sized foliage plants, such as brown bamboo, Agave, turtle backed bamboo and other hanging plants, as well as false embankment, ivy, duck stone grass and so on, can be placed in the table cabinet and corner sofa

in addition, the layout of financial positions in the living room is also very important. If you have money, everything goes well. Lush bonsai lined with wealth can make better fortune. Bonsai flowers and leaves must be round and large, avoid conifers and cuckoos. In particular, plants such as fortune tree and evergreen are the best, because these plants symbolize the owner’s positive, optimistic and enterprising attitude towards life, and the height of flowers should be more than half the height of the house. If the shelf is not high enough to capture the scenery, it can be said that if the shelf is not high enough, it can be used to capture the scenery. Since plants are outdoor objects and belong to Yin, it is only suitable to put them in the living room by binding red ribbons or pasting red paper on plants or pots to turn Yin into Yang

tiger tail orchid can purify the air and absorb formaldehyde, so it can be placed in the living room, but it should be placed at the root of the wall of the living room, not in the middle of the living room

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