Indispensable lighting for home

Among the room decoration, lighting is essential. Lighting is indispensable in the bedroom and living room. Do you want to know what Feng Shui should pay attention to in lighting lamps? Let’s take a look at the relevant information below

indispensable lighting at home

three indispensable lamps for Feng Shui at home

long light ” mdash” mdash; At midnight, people fall asleep. The long light not only facilitates the access of those returning at night, but also illuminates those who use the toilet at night. It also supplements the reduced energy in the house due to the reduction of activities, killing three birds with one stone

bright hall lamp ” mdash” mdash; The author mentioned ” many times in the article some time ago; Ming Tang ” ; The influence of Feng Shui on the residence, and the area in front of each unit in the building is the ” Xiaomingtang, Bright indicator lights should be installed here and in the public area of stairs

wealth lamp ” mdash” mdash; At 45 degrees of the diagonal of the entrance is the image wealth position on the geomancy. Lighting it with a lamp can make the whole family ” Money ” ; The way is bright

feng shui knowledge of lamps and lanterns furniture accessories cannot be less

people use electric lamps every day. However, most of their understanding of electric lamps is limited to the surface. When choosing lamps, people are often dazzled and overwhelmed by their colorful colors and distinctive shapes

for example: the mathematical of the birth time of the person living in the room, the distribution of furniture and functional areas, or plants, the number of fish in the fish tank, etc. What ordinary people ignore is the mathematics of indoor electric lights, and electrical mathematics is one of the elements in modern Feng Shui

in ancient times, people used candles and kindles to illuminate at night, so there was no saying of electric Feng Shui in the previous Feng Shui series. With the continuous development of science and technology, we attribute the electric lamp to the feng shui of yin and Yang in the book of changes and the five elements of metaphysics, and study its impact on people’s journey is also a progress of modern Feng Shui

the lighting in the room is no longer limited to the past ” One room and one l, How to reasonably match the chandeliers, ceiling lamps for floodlighting and wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps for local lighting and special lighting with Feng Shui to create a Feng Shui pleasant lighting space with Yin-Yang balance has become the updated Feng Shui concept of modern people

Feng Shui layout of lamps and lanterns that must not be missed in decoration

lighting is an essential furniture in the home and plays an embellishment role in the home. How should the lighting layout of furniture not affect the feng shui of the home? Let’s have a look. Lighting distribution: do not put it on the top. Do not install lighting in the sitting and lying position, because lighting will emit light and heat. Heat and light aggregation are easy to make people angry, that is, irritable. Try not to place lamps, especially chandeliers, on the ceiling above the bed, because the closer the lighting is to the residents, the stronger the pressure will be. The position of the lighting pressed on the body means that the part is prone to disease and pain

lighting shape: round is the best. The lighting with sharp corners has strong breath. If the sharp corners face the place where residents sit and lie, they will cause physical problems. The mirror has the opportunity to reflect the adverse landscape. In order to avoid problems, it is better to choose some round or smooth lampshades

lamp color: warmth and comfort are the main colors of light bulbs. There are many choices. How to cooperate properly? In fact, the color of each connecting area of the residence should be unified. Try not to put bright white lights in the living room, but choose soft egg yellow in the dining room. The color is not uniform, the residents are not stable, and the luck is easy to be uncertain. However, if you add your favorite lighting color in other rooms, there is no problem as long as the color is soft and appropriate

number of light bulbs: avoid 2 and 5. Only try to avoid installing 2 and 5 light bulbs in the same area, because two represents two black disease runes and five represents five yellow disaster stars. If the same number of light bulbs happen to appear in the direction of fleeting five yellow or two black stars, I’m afraid it will enhance the power of evil stars. As for the number of other bulbs, it has no great impact, but remember that the more bulbs, the stronger the light and heat. It is recommended to choose some bulbs with point saving effect and low [Fire number] to avoid too heavy indoor fire and affect health

pay attention to the quantity of lamps. In the couple’s bedroom, the number of main lights can only be odd and only one; The number of auxiliary lamps is generally required to be even. For example, if wall lamps or table lamps are installed on both sides of the bed, they need to be installed symmetrically in pairs according to the Feng Shui principle. In home feng shui, odd numbers belong to Yang and even numbers belong to Yin. Therefore, it is the embodiment of the balance of yin and Yang in the quantitative relationship between the primary and secondary lamps and lanterns in the bedroom

pay attention to the position of lamps. In the couple’s bedroom, the position of the main light must be the center of gravity or the center of the whole bedroom; There are generally two kinds of positional relationship between auxiliary lamps and main lamps. One is to surround the main lamp like stars and the moon; The other is lower than the main lamp in height. This is the embodiment of the yin-yang balance of the primary and secondary position relationship of bedroom lamps. In addition, the ark Zhouyi needs a warm reminder that it is forbidden to install a wall lamp in the middle above the head of the bed, so the lamp is called ” Long sleep l, It’s an image of great evil

pay attention to the light of lamps. According to the principle of light balance between yin and Yang in terms of primary and secondary lamps in the bedroom, naturally, in the couple’s bedroom, the main lamp should be bright and the auxiliary lamp should be dark. Here, the ark Zhouyi reminds you of three points that you should pay attention to. First, do not let the light direct at the bed, especially at the head of the bed. Among them, the light of the spotlight is the most destructive, followed by the downlight; Second, it is not suitable to maintain ” Black light and blind fire ” ; State, that is, the main lamp shall be normally on, the auxiliary lamp shall be occasionally on, and the lamp shall be repaired when it is broken; Third, the main light should not be colorful

pay attention to the shape of lamps. In terms of the main lamp in the couple’s bedroom, when the bedroom floor is low or the main lamp is on the top of the bed, the ark Zhouyi suggests that the ceiling lamp should be selected as the main lamp rather than the chandelier, because the chandelier pressing the bed will produce large Feng Shui negative energy and affect the couple’s luck; The shape of ceiling lamp should be square rather than round, because the square is active, and the bedroom is a place for rest and sleep, so it is natural to be quiet rather than moving. In terms of the form selection of auxiliary lamps in the couple’s bedroom, you only need to pay attention not to choose lamps with edges and corners to shoot the bed, financial position, etc

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