How to put the wine cabinet in the restaurant

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are no longer limited to filling their stomachs, but pay more and more attention to the quality of life. For many families, the wine cabinet has become an indispensable scenic spot in the restaurant. Its display of all kinds of good wine can add a gorgeous color to the restaurant

most wine cabinets are designed to be tall and long, which is the symbol of the mountain in Feng Shui; The corresponding low and flat dining table is a symbol of sand and water. There are mountains and water in the layout of the whole restaurant. This cooperation is very suitable and is of great benefit to the family’s house transportation

while placing wine cabinets in the restaurant, there are several points that must be paid attention to to to avoid inadvertently damaging the feng shui of the house

I. placement orientation

the overall design of the wine cabinet is mostly tall and transparent, which is the symbol of the mountain. Therefore, it should be placed in the auspicious side of the household head’s life, so as to fully comply with the essence of Feng Shui that auspicious side should be high and big

if the head of household is Dongsi life, the wine cabinet should be placed in the East, Southeast, South and north of the restaurant; If the head of household belongs to the West Fourth life, the wine cabinet is suitable to be placed in the southwest, West, northwest and northeast of the restaurant

II. lens size

the lens in the wine cabinet should not be too large. The general wine cabinet usually uses the lens as the back plate, which can make the wine and crystal cup in the wine cabinet look particularly bright and transparent. However, if the large-area lens is used to decorate the wine cabinet just to achieve better visual effect, it is not good, because if the lens in the wine cabinet is too large, It should not be placed opposite to the divine cabinet, which will reflect the incense on the divine platform through the lens of the wine cabinet, which is a big taboo of Feng Shui and should be avoided as far as possible

in case of such a situation, the wine cabinet or Shentai should be shifted so that they cannot face each other, so as to ensure no harm

III. neighbors on both sides

wine cabinets should not be placed next to fish tanks, because wine cabinets are a kind of furniture with heavy water and gas, and fish tanks have the same amount of water. The essence of the two is very close. If they are placed together, there is a risk of more water flooding

if there is no place to move, a pot of evergreen plants can be placed between the wine cabinet and the fish tank, separated by a wood between the two waters, which can not only resolve the taboo in Feng Shui, but also eliminate too much moisture, which is conducive to reducing the humidity in the space

IV. bar placement

some family restaurants have a large area and like to use the bar instead of the wine cabinet. The essence of the bar and the wine cabinet is the same, and the moisture is relatively heavy. Therefore, there is no difference between the two in Feng Shui

the bar should be placed in the dead corner of the restaurant, which is not only in line with the way of Feng Shui, but also in line with the requirements of decoration design. Because the bar and wine cabinet belong to water, and the water itself is flexible and not afraid of pressure, there is no harm in placing them under the stairs

v. suitable replacement

some families who don’t like drinking don’t put wine cabinets in the restaurant and use cup cabinets loaded with cups and dishes to replace them. We should remind you that the shape of cup cabinets should not be too wide or too long. If the cupboard directly fills the wall and there is no room for blank space, this arrangement is not ideal; If the length of the cupboard is equal to that of the wall, it is advisable to use that kind of low cabinet, which will help to improve the feng shui of the restaurant

the family bar is suitable to be set in a corner of the restaurant. On the principle of not hindering the smooth passage of the restaurant, it can be designed as ” I ” ; Font or ” L”; Type

the above only lists the pattern and furnishings of the restaurant wine cabinet. There are many kinds of restaurant furniture, which can be reasonably arranged and arranged according to the specific location of the home and the size of the space

in short, the restaurant should create a relaxed and pleasant environment, so that the family can have a good mood here and have a big appetite. Only when the meal is fragrant, the body will be great and the luck will be prosperous

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