What color is Feng Shui in the kitchen? It’s easy to explain

In fact, in the matter of color selection, we should pay attention to Feng Shui. Although many people choose colors according to their own preferences, in fact, the choice of color is related to Feng Shui of color and our luck. Of course, it can not be despised. In Feng Shui, color Feng Shui: what color Feng Shui in the kitchen is easy to explain? Let’s take a look at the relevant articles and what the master said

Color Feng Shui: it’s best to explain what color Feng Shui is used in the kitchen

let’s discuss it only from the perspective of use. The kitchen is a place for cooking. White can at least show that such hygiene is good and spotless, and the diet can be assured. You see, the work clothes of hotel chefs are white. You feel very used and comfortable

but if you change into other colors, such as wearing a black robe or something, I’m afraid it’s more like a witch preparing some mysterious drugs. It seems that you have no bottom in your heart and don’t dare to eat the dishes

in addition to hygiene, kitchen color is also related to people’s appetite. Because when eating at home, people usually have to go in and serve the dishes after someone has cooked them. That is to say, when a family arrives at the meal point, they have to go into the kitchen. Of course, the color of the kitchen will exert a subtle influence on people, although you may not be aware of it

in fact, many colors are related to people’s emotions and can mobilize people’s corresponding emotions. However, no matter what emotions are mobilized, people’s appetite will be restrained, because your excitement has shifted, of course, you don’t feel hungry

only white, the cleanest and purest, has nothing to do with any emotion, so it will not interfere with appetite. Moreover, white not only can not arouse people’s emotions, but also helps people calm all kinds of emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calm, and all emotions are gradually released and faded

for people who eat, they often do all kinds of things before dinner, which may bring all kinds of emotions. When he comes into the kitchen to serve the dishes, if the four white walls can help him calm down and add the smell of the food, won’t it arouse his appetite instead

besides, people who cook have things they can’t let go of in their lives, especially the hostess, who lives entirely on the man’s face and sometimes feels very sad. For women, the kitchen is really their own world, cooking

sometimes it is a great pleasure in life. The advantage of choosing white is to let go all the bad things in your heart, turn yourself into a blank, find the fun of life again between pots and pans, find women’s confidence, and find softness and amorousness. Such a kitchen seems to have a kind of magic, which can heal all wounds in the busy room

the real meaning of white kitchen is that we should learn to release all bad emotions and find our own peace and health. Even men can try to cook a meal if they are upset. Maybe after a while, your mood can change a lot

do you have any feelings after watching more white tones? Remember that in the future, the kitchen should choose white, which will not only improve the maximum function of the kitchen, but also improve the overall fortune of home feng shui

Color Feng Shui reveals what color Feng Shui is used in the kitchen. It is easy to explain

generally speaking, if there are light and bright colors in the kitchen, the narrow kitchen will appear spacious, and the light colors can also be conducive to the magnetic field of the kitchen, making the kitchen warm, cordial, harmonious and warm colors, making the air atmosphere of the kitchen more lively and enthusiastic, Can enhance appetite. Generally, when choosing the color of the kitchen, you can decide according to people’s five elements and find out the color that your own destiny likes to use

for example ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The favorite color is yellow, so you can choose to use more yellow pigment in the layout of your home, which will be very conducive to people’s luck. Of course, some forbidden colors, such as black and red, are not suitable. Black kitchen will not only bring people a sense of pressure, but also easily lead to unnecessary disasters. Too much red is also detrimental to the spirit, although it is very festive, But it will be harmful to the magnetic field of the kitchen

generally, the kitchen should be dominated by white. The kitchen is the place for cooking. White not only gives people the feeling of clean and comfortable, but at least it can show that such hygiene is good and spotless, and the diet can be assured. If the color system in the kitchen is very heavy, and the color of the kitchen is opposite to or forbidden to use, the best solution is to put a ” statue in the kitchen; Seven Star Ping’an Town ” ; As a professional to resolve the disadvantages of kitchen Feng Shui

Color Feng Shui: it’s easy to explain what color of ceramic tile Feng Shui is used in the kitchen

common colors of kitchen ceramic tile: matte brick

at first glance, matte ceramic tile will make people feel bad to clean. In fact, this is wrong. Matte ceramic tile with good quality is not only easy to clean, but also its exquisite and simple luster can show the owner’s elegant aesthetics and make the taste of the kitchen room more harmonious Naturally

common colors of kitchen ceramic tiles: small ceramic tiles

because the kitchen space is generally small, with windows, doors and cabinets, and the net area is relatively small, in order to avoid waste and maintain the coordination of space, we should choose ceramic tiles with small specifications. In this way, there will be little waste of paving, avoid many inconveniences caused by construction such as cutting large-size ceramic tiles, and will not make the space too single

common colors of kitchen tiles: light colored tiles

the operating environment in the kitchen is a high temperature and high humidity environment. The colors of ceramic tiles should be mainly light and cold colors, such as white, light green, light gray and so on. Such colors will make people feel the breath and coolness of spring under high temperature conditions. In addition, light color tone can make people feel that the space is expanding and extending, avoiding the dull and depressing feeling of dark tone in a narrow space

how to choose kitchen tiles

generally, families use more polished tiles, because these are the most commonly used. Its characteristics are very obvious, generous and concise. It looks better with any color cabinet, but it is more common. Generally, owners who pursue a simple and comfortable life can choose this kind of tiles

wear resistance: the wear resistance is divided into five degrees, from low to high. The five degrees belong to super wear resistance, which is generally not used for home decoration. The tiles used in kitchen are generally between one degree and four degrees

water absorption: the ceramic tile with low water absorption can be selected in the kitchen, but the texture is dense because it has high moisture-proof and antifouling ability

hardness: hardness directly affects the service life of ceramic tiles, which is very important. Ceramic tiles with high hardness have high internal quality, are not easy to deform and break, and have long service life

color difference and size: the color of ceramic tiles in the same batch is generally the same. If the splicing effect is good, it indicates that the size is regular and it is an excellent product

specifications: for common kitchen wall tiles, it is recommended to choose smaller ones because the cost of smaller ones is relatively low. But there are also some disadvantages when it is too small. Considering that the kitchen floor is easy to get dirty, what is the size of kitchen wall tiles? If the wall brick is used, the size is small, which will lead to more brick joints and is not easy to clean. Generally, the family wall is 300 * 450, while the ground is 300 * 300 square. For the size of kitchen wall tiles, 300 * 300 anti-skid wall tiles are usually used in places such as kitchen and bathroom

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