What about the relative entrance of two families

the relative of two doors in the house has always been taboo in Feng Shui

first of all, the two doors are opposite, which means that there is a barrier in front of the house and facing the door, which will hinder the flow of gas into the house. And now in order to save residential space in the city, two opposite houses are very close in many places, which seriously affects the ventilation and lighting of houses, which is harmful to health

secondly, the two doors are opposite. The turbid gas generated in the lives of the two families gather in front of the door, which is difficult to emit. Circulating between the two houses is very unfavorable to house transportation

finally, even if there is a little airflow in front of the door that is conducive to house transportation, it will lead to the situation of two houses competing with each other. The house book says: ” Two families cannot be opposed, but the Lord’s family must retreat; Two doors must not collide with each other, and the Lord’s family must be fierce” ; Therefore, if the two doors collide with each other, it is best to live in harmony with the neighbors and jointly create a good atmosphere in front of the door, which will improve the house transportation of the two families

nowadays, the structure of many modern houses is the opposite pattern of two gates, that is ” Opposite door brake ” ;. This will lead to conflict and lead to the return of one of them. Generally 1. One with a small door will return; 2. Retreat with small space in the door; 3. If there are few people in the door, retreat; 4. The popularity field inside the door is weak

solution method:

(1) a six character truth Seven Star array can be placed in the gate to stabilize the gas field of house transportation. Or hang a mirror of the nine palaces and eight trigrams inside the door to add good fortune in case of good fortune and turn evil into evil in case of evil

(2) if the two doors of your home are opposite, such as the door to the bedroom door, it is recommended to often close the two doors, or hang the door curtain on the two doors, so as to slow down the speed of air flow in and out of the two doors, so as to achieve the effect of stable air flow

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