What if the roof leaks

The roof of auspicious house should first avoid water leakage, which is a vicious phase in residential Feng Shui. Leakage from the roof will damage the gas field in the whole house. If the roof of an independent house or the top floor leaks, it will bring heavy moisture and Yin in rainy days, which is not conducive to health, hinder the development of family career and frequently hinder personal transportation; If it is not on the top floor, the situation will be worse. The water used by people upstairs is far more evil than rain. Therefore, the decoration of new houses must be leak proof. Once water leakage is found after occupancy, it should be repaired as soon as possible

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the roof of auspicious house should also prevent ash falling. The ash falling roof will not only pollute the house, but also give people an unsafe feeling. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the ash falling roof will affect the family’s fortune, especially in business. It may be tricked or cheated by others inadvertently, which is impossible to prevent

the best way is to scrape off the ash of the roof and apply mud again. Waterproof mud is the best. If possible, it is best to brush with matching primer. When the roof starts peeling, it means that it is going to lose ash. At this time, it should be scraped off. If you live in a second-hand house, you’d better decorate the roof yourself, which can not only drive away the filth left by the former homeowner, but also prevent ash from falling off

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