Stair orientation Feng Shui layout

With the continuous improvement of contemporary social living standards, the grade of housing has also been improved. Villas and leapfrog floors have become the purchase choices of many contemporary people, so the stairs in the house naturally become a bright spot. So, the family staircase orientation Feng Shui layout? Let’s follow one feng shui master to understand it

this is the key to the difference between ordinary houses, so the design and decoration of stairs are very important

let’s take a look at the precautions for stairs:

stairs themselves are section by section, such as ” Gas ” ; As soon as you enter the door, you will encounter the stairs first. The stairs will be cut horizontally, or you can cut ” Gas ” ; Cut it off, or make ” Gas ” ; Intermittent and not smooth, disturbing the gas field in his house

if the gas field is in disorder, the general environment in the house will not be very good. It can be seen that the stairs can be seen when opening the door, whether from the perspective of convenience or Feng Shui, will unconsciously have an adverse impact

first of all, pay attention to the placement of stairs. If the stairs are set in the center of the room, it will appear abnormal ” The guest usurps the host ” , The purpose of stairs is to facilitate its up and down

coming and going will make this place noisy and restless, not only wasting ” Acupoint Eye ” ; This valuable location with ” Trample ” ; Disrespect means that it will not bring good luck to the owner of the house

therefore, when designing stairs, good designers will try to avoid making stairs with the entrance facing the gate. There are three main methods that can be taken:

first, the lower end of the stairs is facing the gate and the top stairs turn in one direction. For example, the shape of the stairs is designed into an arc, so that the entrance reverses the direction and backs to the gate

Second, put the stairs ” Hide ” ; When you get up, you’d better hide it behind the wall, and you can clamp the stairs with two walls, which will not only disappear ” Cut off the gas field ” ; As for the extra space under the stairs, it can be designed as a storage room or as a storage cabinet

Third, a screen is placed between the gate and the stairs to make ” Gas ” ; Can follow the screen into the house

in addition to not facing the gate directly, as mentioned above, another taboo about stairs in home feng shui is that they cannot be set in the center of the house. Because it is called “Central House”; Acupoint eye, Is ” Gas ” ; Condensation point of

this is the soul of the house and the most noble place” Acupoint Eye ” ; This traditional saying, precipitated so far, has become center-up, center, impartiality and other

the setting of stairs should also be consistent with the overall style of the whole residential space environment. Harmony, unity and proper collocation are the main principles of home decoration Feng Shui. If the setting of stairs is too abrupt and the decoration is too sensational, it will inevitably make the people living here feel out of place

v. stairs in wealth position

in Feng Shui, wealth position is the symbol of the wealth of the whole family. Setting the stairs on the financial position can have the effect of urging wealth

the gate is in the East and the wealth is in the South

the gate is in the southeast and the wealth is in the north

the entrance position is due south and the wealth position is due east

the entrance is in the southwest and the wealth is in the Northeast

the entrance is in the west, and the wealth is in the northwest of Tianmen

VI. stairs against the wall

install the stairs at the edge of the house and near the wall. Feng Shui is better. Because the stairs against the wall will not flow out the popularity and wealth outdoors like the stairs opposite the door

VII. Rotate the stairs directly towards the top of the gate

if there is really no other place to place the stairs, it is recommended to select the arc stairs only for the orientation of the gate, and rotate the stairs directly towards the stairs on the top of the gate in one direction. In other words, turn the direction of the stairway to the position with the back to the gate

VIII. It depends on the house pattern

it is determined according to the specific pattern of the house. Try to set the stairs in a more auspicious place. The following four Lingshan formula can be used for reference:

the house faces south and the stairs are in the East

the house faces north and the stairs are in the West

the house faces west and the stairs are in the southwest

the house faces east in the west, and the stairs are in the Northeast

the house sits from southeast to northwest, and the stairs are in the West

the house sits from the northwest to the southeast, and the stairs are in the East

the house sits from the northeast to the southwest, and the stairs are in the South

the house faces the northeast from the southwest, and the stairs are in the north

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