Bedroom decoration color matching

Since ancient times, there are many books on the theory of house Feng Shui. Although the main viewpoints and theories are similar, they are profound and mysterious. Below, we will elaborate on the color matching of bedroom decoration for your reference during decoration:

first, red

Chinese people have always believed that red is a very auspicious color, but it happens to be the same in some countries. Of course, these are just people’s living customs

however, if there are too many red series in the room, it will increase the burden on the eyes and easily make people grumpy. Therefore, in the decoration, red can only be used as the matching tone, not as the theme tone, but the temple can use red as the theme color

2. Pink

in order to create a romantic atmosphere, some newlyweds use pink that they think has romantic color. The two sides will quarrel for some time, but they will have an endless quarrel

Feng Shui believes that pink is easy to make people feel irritable, quarrel with their families, and argue about right and wrong and quarrel frequently; Therefore, friends had better not choose this color when decorating

III. orange

orange is the theme color everywhere in the room at home. Although this color looks vibrant and warm, if you use too much orange, it will also make people tired over time

IV. yellow

if most parts of the room are painted yellow, most of the family will be depressed, irritable, and always have an unspeakable sense of surprise and worry. Over time, people’s brain nerve consciousness will hallucinate, and friends with neurosis at home should avoid using this color

v. milky white

it is best to choose three colors: milky white, ivory and white, because these three colors are most suitable for people’s visual nerve. The sunlight in nature is a white series, which represents light. A person’s heart and eyes also need light to reconcile. Moreover, the white series is the best equipped with furniture, which also represents hope

VI. wood primary color

wood primary color is the best tone of home color. Because the primary color of wood can make people generate inspiration and wisdom in an instant, especially in the study, we should try our best to choose the primary color of wood. In short, all kinds of colors should not be too many, and should be based on the principle of just right

physiologists have studied that the color of a room can directly affect some physiological functions of the human body. For example, the color of a room can affect people’s vision. According to research, among various colors, cyan or green is the most beneficial to the eyes. At the same time, the color of the room also has a great relationship with people’s appetite. Yellow and orange can stimulate people’s appetite and enhance their appetite

the color of the bedroom will directly affect people’s sleep speed and sleep quality. Generally speaking, purple can calm and stabilize people’s nerves quickly and make people fall asleep as soon as possible. Some people like to paint their bedroom into colorful, very bright colors. This tone makes people’s nerves excited quickly, so it is not suitable for use in the bedroom

gray can be selected for kitchen and toilet to make the color and light of the whole environment more harmonious; The study adopts light green, which gives people a sense of tranquility and comfort; The living room and dining room adopt light yellow or pink, which can effectively add some soft and happy atmosphere

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