What is the impact of Feng Shui on houses that can’t get the sun

In many old urban areas of big cities, handshake buildings are almost everywhere. There is a free one-day distance between buildings. The roads are very narrow and the sun is very dark. Because the distance between buildings is too close, many houses can hardly get sunshine indoors; So from the perspective of Feng Shui, what is the impact of Feng Shui on houses that can’t get the sun? Let’s have a look

the importance of sunshine in the house

sunshine is very important. Plants can’t grow without sunshine, our life can’t live without sunshine, and even a house can’t leave sunshine. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the sun and Yang Qi are interlinked. The most important thing in a house is Yang Qi, and most of the Yang Qi comes from the sun. Therefore, when the house is not exposed to the sun for a long time, the indoor sun is very insufficient, and the sun is very weak. When there is almost no sun, the Yang Qi of such a house is bound to be insufficient! Therefore, how important Yang is to the house, so how important sunshine is to the house

the impact of a house not exposed to the sun

if the indoor space of a house is not exposed to the sun for a long time, the sun cannot shine in at any time. The light of such a house is very poor. The lack of indoor light will first affect the Feng Shui aura of our house, resulting in dark and gloomy indoor aura, and may also attract some unclean things and so on. If we live in such a house, I’m afraid our luck, health and life will be deeply affected! On the other hand, when there is no sunshine in the room and the light is insufficient, there will be insufficient Yang Qi in the room. Lack of Yang Qi will lead to excessive Yin Qi. Excessive Yin Qi will not only affect our house Feng Shui, but also have a great impact on our personal mood, personality and mentality; In the long run, we may become a person with dark heart, gloomy personality and lonely personality, which will have an incalculable impact on our physical and mental health

from the perspective of life, sunlight has the effect of sterilization. There is plenty of sunshine indoors, which can help us sterilize. It is a natural indoor purifier; However, if a house has no sunshine for a long time, no matter which time point, it can’t get the moisture and bath of the sun. In this way, it is easy to breed bacteria and viruses in the room, and the indoor space will become dark and humid. If we live in such a space for a long time, even if it will be affected by bacteria, we are prone to illness, cold, dizziness, fever and so on. Moreover, the humid environment is also easy to cause skin diseases

it can be seen that Feng Shui without sun exposure is extremely poor and not suitable for living! You should pay attention when choosing a house

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