Porch layout of home feng shui

Feng Shui believes that the nature of the air flow outside the gate and inside the gate is different. If it is directly hedged, it will be harmful to Feng Shui. Only by integrating them can it be beneficial to Feng Shui. This is the geomantic effect of the porch. Only by paying attention to the following aspects when arranging the porch can we really create a good geomantic effect of the house

1, structure

because modern homes do not have much area, the porch space is not suitable for too much. Otherwise, the porch is big and the inner room is small, just like the same door is big and the room is small, which is unfavorable to Feng Shui. If the porch is too large, other rooms will feel cramped, which is not conducive to the effective use of space

2. style

when decorating the porch, its style should be determined according to its own structure, but it is better to be concise and generous. If the porch is a long and narrow independent space, a variety of decoration styles can be adopted. If the porch is connected with the hall and there is no obvious independent space, it can be separated by intervals to create a unique style, or it can be unified with the decoration style of the hall. If the porch has been included in the hall, it should be consistent with the decoration style of the hall. At the same time, the porch should be decorated to add highlights to the hall

3. pattern

the pattern of the porch should best match the decoration style, try to be beautiful and generous, and pay attention to the use of patterns with auspicious meaning or evil ward function. If lotus, lion, dragon wind, fish, money and other patterns are used, ornaments related to these patterns can also be placed. The pattern of sharp corners facing the door should be avoided on the floor, and the texture of wooden floor should not be facing the door. They will also form a ferocious spirit, which is unfavorable to family luck

4, Color

the color at the porch should be light rather than deep, because deep color is easy to make the porch look dead and lifeless

5, ceiling

the space of the porch is the key to air circulation. It should be spacious, so as to facilitate the air transportation at home. If the ceiling is too low, it is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which symbolizes that the family is easy to be suppressed and can’t stand out one day. Therefore, the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low, and the color should be light rather than deep. In addition, the installation of mirrors on the porch ceiling is a taboo of Feng Shui and should be absolutely avoided

6, lights

the lights at the porch are round, which symbolizes perfection. White light should be used for lighting. White light represents rationality, which is decisive and rational judgment. Therefore, it is beneficial for family members to be more rational when using money. Yellow light represents sensibility. Sensibility makes people hesitate and is not conducive to judgment. The use of yellow light is also easy to make families spend money unknowingly

when arranging multiple lights in the porch, they should be arranged in a square or round shape. The square shape symbolizes squareness and stability, and the round shape symbolizes reunion, which is conducive to family luck. Do not arrange them into triangles, especially if you hang three lamps on the top of the porch, it will form a situation of three columns inserted with incense upside down, which is fierce

if there is a crossbeam at the entrance, people will feel pressure as soon as they enter the door. The entrance is in charge of wealth, which will affect the wealth of the whole family. If it cannot be avoided, it is necessary to install a lamp under the beam, turn the light towards the beam, and use the light effect to weaken the influence of the beam

7, wall

the wall of the porch is usually set off as a background because it is very close to people’s visual distance. No matter which way of decoration is adopted, stacking should be avoided, and it is best to decorate and express ideas. In addition, the porch wall should not be uneven, which will lead to poor air flow, which is bound to hinder the transportation of houses

8. floor

the floor at the porch should be flat, and attention should be paid to anti-skid treatment to avoid damaging the family transportation. The floor that has been polished and smooth can be covered with carpet. In addition, there should be no underground drainage pipe under the floor of the porch, otherwise Caishui will be polluted during internal and external communication in the porch, which may cause health problems for the family and make the financial path not smooth

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