The color of house decoration

When the house is decorated and designed, we should carefully consider the influence of the color of the bedroom on Feng Shui. After research, many experts and scholars found that color has a great impact on people’s mood and psychology. At the same time, from the perspective of Feng Shui, when carrying out housing decoration and home layout, designers should consider the choice of bedroom color from the requirements of Feng Shui, so as to ensure the well-being of homeowners

the bedroom is mainly used to rest and sleep. The family should be allowed to relax their nervous nerves quickly after returning home from work. The color tone in the bedroom should be pleasing to the eye, soft, cordial, romantic and poetic, so that people can sleep easily and quickly and relieve fatigue, which is conducive to investing more energy into new work the next day

now there are too many design schemes for housing decoration. Various styles and genres bloom. Many good works with personality and style can well meet the various requirements of homeowners, such as lightness, toughness, elegance, softness, gorgeous, romantic and warm ” hellip” hellip;

in the selection of room color, we should follow the principles of relaxing ourselves, relieving fatigue and psychological comfort, and bring good mood to the users of the house through very coordinated color matching

with these high-level designs, if designers can combine the Feng Shui taboo factors in color, it will be really good. In terms of the central color used in the design of the room, it is best to consider the mutual Shengke relationship between various basic colors according to the five element attribute of the color, and carefully choose whether there are some taboos about the room color in combination with the five element attribute of the owner’s life

in our daily life, all the big and small things that happen have a great relationship with the number of five elements. The so-called five walkers are water, fire, wood, gold and earth. In other words, in this world, everything can be divided into these five categories. If we can clearly distinguish the things included in the five elements, and then use some of their relationships to apply them in life, we will certainly receive the ideal effect of adding good fortune to good fortune and reducing bad fortune to bad fortune

here, all basic colors can be divided into five categories

water: black, blue

fire type: red, purple

wood: green and cyan

Gold: white, gold

soil type: yellow, soil color

some color categories are formed by mixing two or more colors. For example, it’s made of gold and gray, and it’s made of black

clever color layout in the house

in Feng Shui, there is a very interesting saying: the ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the ground, and the walls represent people. Therefore, the choice of color must comply with ” The sky is clear and the earth is turbid ” ; In other words, the color of the ceiling should be light, the color of the floor should be darker than that of the ceiling, and the color of the wall is between the ceiling and the floor

visually speaking, there are changes among the three, and they can be gradually integrated among levels without being abrupt at all. Living in such a house, people naturally feel comfortable physically and mentally, that is, they have reached the harmonious unity of heaven, earth and man in the traditional sense

I. living room

the main color of the living room is not the main factor of Feng Shui layout. The most important thing is the energy balance between the pattern and the Shengke of the five elements. The color of the living room determines the main tone of the color of the whole room. However, its color matching should first consider its direction. The direction of the living room is mainly determined by the face of the living room window. If the window opens to the south, then this house belongs to the South living room; If the window opens to the north, it belongs to the North living room

due east, due south, due west and due north are called ” Four positive ” , The southeast, southwest, northwest and northeast are called ” Four corners ” ;. As long as you recognize the direction, you can choose the right color for the living room

  1. Yellow should be the main color in the East living room. The East belongs to wood among the five elements. It is a place where wood Qi should flourish. According to the theory that the five elements generate grams, wood conquers the earth for wealth, that is to say, the earth is the wealth of wood, and yellow ” Soil ” ; Therefore, if the orientation of the living room is to the East, the yellow series should be the first choice when choosing the paint, wallpaper and sofa used in the living room. As for the depth of the color is not very important, it can be reasonably matched according to the colors of other facilities in the living room

  2. The south facing living room should be mainly white. The South belongs to fire among the five elements. It is a place where fire should flourish. According to the five elements theory, fire conquers gold for wealth. If you want to prosper the wealth of the South living room, you should choose white as the first choice, because white is ” Gold ” ; Represents the color of the. Although the south facing windows are blown by the south wind, which is more comfortable and cool, the south is a hot place. The quiet light colors such as white can effectively reduce the hot and dry fire

  3. The west facing living room should be mainly green. Among the five elements, the West belongs to gold, which is a place where gold is prosperous. According to the theory that the five elements generate grams, gold conquers wood for wealth, and green is ” Wood ” ; Therefore, the living room facing west is suitable to be decorated with some vibrant colors. And the westward living room is more suitable for the green of the sun in the afternoon

  4. The north facing living room should be mainly red. The North belongs to water in the five elements, which is a place where water and gas should flourish. According to the five elements theory, water conquers fire for wealth. Therefore, if you want to prosper the wealth of the North living room, the wallpaper, sofa and carpet in the living room should be mainly purple and pink. But it’s better not to choose fire red, because fire red is easy to make people grumpy. In addition, the north wind is biting in winter, and the living room in the north will be cold, so it is not suitable to decorate with cold colors such as blue, gray and white. It is appropriate to use some warm colors to add a warm feeling at home

II. bedroom

in the bedroom, it’s best not to use too much red and black, which will make people extremely impulsive and angry, which is harmful to the health of their families. The most suitable color is neutral color, such as beige, gray and so on. These colors make Yin and Yang harmonious and family harmonious. Usually, many people put wooden floors in their bedrooms. In fact, the primary color of wood is also a good color. The primary color of wood makes people feel peaceful and stable

the color concentration of children’s room should also be matched. The color is too dark, which is easy to depress children, so they can’t stay at home and often run out; If the color is too bright, it will make the child feel uneasy and become grumpy. Therefore, in the choice of color, you can choose the light color system similar to the color according to the child’s preferences

III. kitchen

clever use of color can also create visual differences. Take the kitchen for example. The space is too high. You can use dignified dark treatment to reduce the sense of uneasiness and look more harmonious; The space is too small. Use bright colors and light colors to make it spacious and comfortable

in a word, color is really everywhere in our life. It should be everyone’s pursuit to reconcile the tone according to the principle of Feng Shui and make the home environment warm and peaceful

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